Warm but changeable with the risk of thunderstorms

Issued: 14th May 2022 14:02

Warm but changeable with the risk of thunderstorms

We're currently heading into a rather warm and changeable spell of weather, with significant potential for thunderstorms to break out at times in some parts of the country, although the specific details will change as we get close to the time.

Tonight and Tomorrow

Overnight tonight, some showers and longer spells of rain will move eastwards across the south of England, with potential for some thunder near the English Channel coast. Some outbreaks of rain will also develop over Wales and southern Scotland, which are unlikely to be associated with thunder.

Storm forecast map for today and tonight

Temperatures will fall to around 6 to 8C overnight in Scotland, and to around 8 to 10C in Northern Ireland, but it will be a warm night over much of England and Wales, with temperatures generally staying above 10C and not falling below 13C in some places.

Tomorrow will generally be cloudier than today, with some outbreaks of rain spreading northwards, mainly affecting the east of Northern Ireland, western Scotland, the far north of England and north and west Wales. It will brighten up in many areas during the afternoon, especially the south. Inland parts of central and southern England will be warm again, with highs generally between 22 and 24C, but it will be cooler in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the far north of England with temperatures mostly getting no higher than 18C.

Next week and further ahead

There is further potential for thunder into Monday, mainly along the English channel coast again overnight. Some rain will develop over northern England and then push northwards through Scotland, with some thundery showers breaking out to the south of the rain band during the afternoon, especially over the Midlands and northern England. It will be relatively cool in Scotland with the cloud and rain pushing in from the south, with highs generally below 15C, but East Anglia and the south-east, away from the English Channel coast which will be cooler due to onshore winds, will see highs of 22 to 24C.

On Tuesday the highest potential for thunder looks set to be over Northern Ireland, although at this range detail may change nearer the time. It will become hot over much of England with temperatures rising into the high 20s Celsius inland, reaching around 28C in parts of the Midlands and south of England.

There will be a breakdown from the west through Wednesday and Thursday with further potential for thunder, especially over eastern England. There is some uncertainty over the timing of this breakdown, but it looks likely that East Anglia and the south-east will be hot again on Wednesday, with temperatures generally reaching around 25C in this region and potentially peaking at 27 or 28C in some spots. Thursday looks set to be generally cooler, but still quite warm over much of central and eastern England and also in eastern Scotland, with parts of eastern England, especially East Anglia, still reaching around 21 to 23C.

There are suggestions that the weather may then turn more settled with high pressure rising from the south, possibly with a temporary change to cooler showery weather into Friday and Saturday before the high pressure builds in.

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