After frosty Friday, turning windy for the weekend with rain

A cold, but sunny start for Friday. Cloud, wind and rain are on the way from the Atlantic ready for the weekend.

After frosty Friday, turning windy for the weekend with rain

Issued: 11th February 2022 10:00

A frosty cold start this morning. Edinburgh airport down to -5C, Glasgow and Newcastle -4C. The overnight clear skies gave great views of the Aurora last night. Change is on the way for the weekend as today’s high pressure clears away eastwards and an Atlantic low heads in. This trails a frontal boundary which develops further little lows and so there will be blustery winds and even some rain in the next few days. Today however looks fine and bright after the chilly start.

frost UK

Chilly start for Friday 11th

There are still a few wintry showers drifting in from the northwest. For many, it is a dry, nippy but bright Friday with sunshine and light winds. The southerly breeze will freshen for Ireland later this afternoon as the rain arrives in Co. Fermanagh by teatime. The trailing weather fronts will wave about and with a new developing low centre for Sunday don’t rely on weather app output. It’s like flicking a skipping rope along the ground. A snapshot has been taken of the waves, the oscillations along the front for Saturday but if you flicked it again the timing and extent would be slightly different. Imagine that for the band of rain pushing in from the west and extending over Britain. As the low centre deepens that adds more uncertainty with strengthening winds and heavier rain for western Britain.

UK weather

Friday night

The weather goes downhill this evening for Northern Ireland and western Scotland with strengthening southerly winds, rain and snow for the tops of the Scottish mountains. The rain looks heavy for Argyll and particularly the southern uplands with over an inch of rain tonight for Dumfries and Galloway. Southerly gales for western Scotland tonight and through the Irish Sea with a strong SW wind driving the rain up the Solway Firth by Saturday morning. Gradually the rain band edges into western Wales, to NW England with wet snow for the tops of the Pennines.

UK rain Cumbria Pennines Wales


This rain band, with more cloud, will snake in from the west bringing pulses of heavier rain through Saturday as the whole thing edges south-eastwards. Cumbria and Wales will also see 1 or 2" of rain over high ground.  Temperatures will be up, around 6 to 9C but it will feel colder in the wind and dampness. The parkrun forecast shows higher temperatures for 9am than today but the wind will be a factor in how it feels.

There could be lighter winds in the north early on Sunday morning before the next low moves in. Heavier rain looks to swirl in from the southwest with strong winds wrapped around the low, possibly coasts of SE England becoming very windy. And then it is away, leaving the UK in a colder northerly flow by Monday morning with an early frost for Monday night. Lots of chopping and changing with our UK weather over the next few days.


Something colder, briefly, for Monday with more snow showers for northern Scotland. Then we’ll be watching a developing low pressure moving in from the Atlantic for the middle of next week. With a strong jet core powering across the Atlantic, it could turn stormy here.

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