More widespread fog tonight and tomorrow as high pressure stays in charge

Issued: 14th January 2022 10:13

More widespread fog tonight and tomorrow as high pressure stays in charge

Three days into our run of high pressure, and it's reasonable to say it's getting trickier to write these daily updates already. There's not a great deal changing day to day, but there will be one or two points of difference as we head into the weekend at least. 

The first change will be later today (Friday), when there'll be more fog and low cloud through eastern and perhaps also central England from this evening and overnight.

Fog risk on Friday night

A good deal of that is likely to hang around throughout the day on Saturday as well, so a much cooler, greyer day for some. On top of that, more cloud will tend to drift in from the west across the country as the day wears on, with the best of the sunshine likely to be in eastern Scotland and across a good deal of Northern England as well. 

More fog and low cloud in eastern parts of England on Saturday

Then, on Sunday we'll actually have a weather front arriving onto the scene, moving around the top of the high pressure and down from the northwest. It'll have some rain along it as it moves through Scotland overnight Saturday and into the start of Sunday. But, as it moves further south it'll be having the life squeezed out of it, so for England and Wales it'll be not much more than a band of cloud with some patchy, mostly light rain here and there.

Ahead of that, there'll be some sunny spells, but the best sunshine will be behind it, with the north of Scotland bucking that trend, as a bit more cloud and maybe even some showers move down from the north. 

Looking into next week, the high pressure won't be going anywhere fast. So, it'll be very similar to what we've been seeing of late. The best of the sunshine will be across England and Wales, but it'll also be here where there'll be the highest likelihood of frost and fog overnight, some of which will linger during the day. Further north across Scotland, it'll often be windier and cloudier with the potential for some outbreaks of rain at times. 

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