Winds slowly easing as Storm Arwen begins to move away

Issued: 27th November 2021 10:00
Updated: 27th November 2021 10:45

Winds slowly easing as Storm Arwen begins to move away

It's been a horrendous night, especially in eastern areas, with the culprit storm Arwen giving gusts of wind to 98mph at Brizzle Wood in Northumberland and 95mph at Berry Head in Dyfed. There's been driving heavy rain, sleet and snow, the latter mainly over Scotland and on hills further South but not exclusively so. Fallen trees, flooding and structural damage are causing travel problems, with the additional hazard of power outages.

Damage and trees down in DunbarSome of the damage in East Lothian - photo by Jo Farrow.

After yesterdays very rare red warning, we still have Met Office yellow warnings this morning of further damaging winds for South East Scotland and North East England together with coastal parts of Wales and the South West.

Some places have woken to snow this morning, even at lower levels, with parts of Sheffield and the Staffordshire Moorlands seeing an albeit temporary covering first thing this morning.

Snow in Sheffield this morningPhoto by 'The Pit' in Sheffield this morning - See more of his photos here.

More squally, blustery wintry showers or outbreaks of rain, sleet or snow are expected through the day across central and eastern areas and also mostly towards exposed coasts further West. But in the West, you'll see sunny intervals with the bulk of the showers here wintry in places giving snow on hills, mostly affecting North Wales, Anglesey, Merseyside, Dyfed, Cornwall and North Devon. 

A strong or gale force North wind gives further damaging gusts up to 70mph along exposed parts of the Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and later Norfolk coasts. But over Northern Ireland and the North and West of Scotland, winds should decrease a little later. Despite some sunshine in places, top temperatures of 3 to 6C nationwide will feel more like zero or -1C out in the raw wind.

Wind chill temperatures on Saturday afternoon

Wintry showers continue after dark, particularly in the East, probably bringing a covering of snow to the North York Moors and Lincolnshire Wolds by dawn. The mountains of North Wales and the South West and Staffordshire moors could also be affected, but with the showers more scattered elsewhere. Clear spells and somewhat lighter winds in the West will lead to a frost, especially over North West England and Dumfries, where temperatures could fall as low as -5 or -6C by morning in much lighter winds. Where you see further blustery showers, mainly in the East, you'll just about escape a frost with the lowest temperatures in the range -2 to +2C.

As storm Arwen begins to move away and 'fill', Sunday for most will be a better day with sunny spells, especially in sheltered central and southern areas.

The exception will be towards North Sea coasts where a still quite blustery North West wind brings further showers of hail, sleet and mostly hill snow. Northern Ireland, Dyfed and the South West may also see more cloud, perhaps with patchy rain preceded by hill snow in another cold, raw day for most, with top temperatures across the country no higher than  3 to 7C.

Although fading, you may see a few further wintry showers along parts of the East coast after dark. Northern Ireland, the South West and Dyfed see further patchy rain in somewhat milder conditions, but for most, it should be a fine evening and night with clear spells in lighter breezes. This'll lead to a frost, with perhaps a few mist patches forming in rural areas later, as temperatures mostly fall to between -3 and +3C.

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