Heat building but change is on the horizon

Issued: 11th June 2021 10:46
Updated: 11th June 2021 18:02

Heat building but change is on the horizon

Like the sunshine and heat? Make the most of the coming days as there are (slow) changes afoot with low pressure beginning to take hold into next week.

Sunday is set to be the peak for widespread heat, with temperatures widely up into the mid, even high twenties. Beyond that with low pressure starting to make its presence felt to the north or northwest of the UK, it'll be just those further southeast keeping the heat for a few more days at least, with 30c or so possible in the southeast on Monday.

Sunday temperatures

Temperatures on Monday

The reason for change arriving is that the jet stream has strengthened in recent days, and is over the north of the UK currently. It'll head north into Sunday as high pressure ridges up over the British Isles, but downstream across the Atlantic it will stay strong. It'll drive a low pressure towards the between Iceland and Scotland on Monday, quite quickly squashing the high further south and bringing some rain into Scotland from late Sunday.

Animation of the jet stream

There'll then be another, more vigorous low, which'll probably be further south moving in on Tuesday and into Wednesday, bringing wind and rain into the northwest, but potentially helping to pump up another serving of heat into the southeast. Then, later in the week and into the weekend, many of the models bring another low, there's some uncertainty over this one with one or two models deepening it and bringing it right over the country. But, the most likely picture is for those further southeast to fair best again, as the low brings most of its rain and wind to those further north and west.

For more detail on what's happening - particularly the breakdown next week (including the potential for some thunderstorms), take a look at Nick's latest blog where he analyses the upcoming heat and changes arrive next week. 

Before we get to the less settled weather, with heat and humidity rising, we'll be nearing heatwave status in parts of the country. The nights are going to be muggy and uncomfortable as well. Sunday night, in particular, stands out with many parts of England and Wales seeing lows staying in the mid, even high teens. Parts of London could even see 20c as a minimum - that would categorise it as a tropical night.

Temperatures on Sunday night and early hours of Monday

For hayfever sufferers, the grass pollen season is getting into full swing across England and Wales (Scotland is a week or so behind), with high or very high pollen levels throughout the weekend and into next week.

Grass pollen now in peak season. Fungal spores at medium risk. Lots of weed pollen, mainly nettle.

The sun is very strong at this time of year as well, with high UV levels, meaning your skin can burn in a relatively short time if uncovered and without suntan lotion, certainly something to bear in mind when you're heading outdoors. You can check your UV and Pollen count your local weather forecast.

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