Weekend plans: Day trips and evenings out

Issued: 12th May 2021 16:42

Weekend plans: Day trips and evenings out

The unsettled theme continues this weekend with further heavy showers and temperatures in the mid to high teens at best. That’s not as cold as the start of May was but equally, it’s no great shakes. There will be times of warm sunshine but a lot of showers from the west. Also longer spells of rain whirling around the weekend low pressure, just to keep us all on our toes.

Friday evening

If you are off to the pub or considering an outside meal you know it will never be that warm. As soon as the sun dips it turns nippy. There will be some lingering showers for Wales, western and southern England, western Scotland and Northern Ireland. Other areas should be drier, but the air will still feel damp and cool, especially as low cloud creeps in off the North Sea.


Not warm and there will be rain at times. Northern Scotland escapes most of the wet weather this weekend, unusually. For most of the UK, it will be mixed with downpours (and still the risk of hail and lightning) but also strong sunshine. Overnight temperatures dip down into single figures. Southern Britain becomes blustery by Sunday


Showers and bands of rain will reach across the UK from the west on Saturday morning. As always with showers some areas won’t see much rain, eastern England does look more sheltered but not immune. Northern Scotland stays drier and brighter and there should be a fine start for NE Britain if you are out early. Bands of showery rain work their way in from the Atlantic bringing hail and thunder too.  There will be a light to moderate breeze and temperatures stay in the mid-teens. A few areas should manage 17C where the sun comes out yet, without an onshore wind.

Showers on Saturday

Saturday evening

The daytime showers linger into the evening but will be more scattered. So, some parts, such as in Wales will still see heavy downpours moving through. Greater London should be drier. There will still be a breeze later on Saturday, particularly for coastal areas. That will rustle table umbrellas and cool things further.

Wind speed and direction on Saturday evening


The low pressure will have moved over Ireland. Around this, there will be plenty of showers and again the risk of heavy downpours. It looks more blustery for southern Britain on Sunday with moderate to fresh SW winds. There should be fewer showers over Scotland but with a cool east or northerly breeze.

More heavy showers on Sunday

The low pressure remains over the UK with further showers, mixed with bright or sunny spells. If you are planning a day trip or shorter outing don’t pay too much attention to the timings of rain showers at the moment, just prepare for a downpour and hope to miss the worst of them.

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