Unseasonably cool & showery theme continues, wet & windy but milder this weekend

Issued: 5th May 2021 09:32
Updated: 5th May 2021 09:39

Unseasonably cool & showery theme continues, wet & windy but milder this weekend

April this year was lacking in them, but showers have finally arrived and have been affecting many areas since the start of this month with today no exception, a chilly day with scattered showers for many, some heavy with hail and thunder. Showers wintry in the north. Frost will develop across many parts tonight under clear skies, then further scattered showers are likely on Thursday and Friday, mostly across the north – where they will still be wintry in nature at first tomorrow. Cloud and rain will clip the south tomorrow, while Friday’s looking drier, sunnier and warmer. Weather going downhill on Saturday, with wind and rain sweeping the UK, followed by still windy conditions, gales in the west, with sunshine and blustery showers. But it will at least feel warmer in any sunshine.


For now, a chilly start for many, with temperatures widely falling into low single figures or close to freezing in many areas overnight, bringing a touch of frost in places. Wednesday will see a north to northwesterly flow of chilly and unstable air. So, after a dry and sunny start for many, sharp showers already from the word go across parts of Wales and Northern Ireland this morning will become more widespread across England and Wales through the day, showers locally heavy with hail and thunder and snow over the mountains in the north and west. NW England may escape most the showers though. Wintry showers over northern Scotland this morning, with snow falling and settling even to lower levels first thing, will extend further south across Scotland through the day, showers of hail and wintry precipitation, though snow level rising through the day.

Not as windy as yesterday in the south, but the northwesterly breeze across all parts will mean it won’t feel particularly warm, temperatures reaching a rather disappointing 8-12C at best.


Showers may continue into the evening and overnight towards eastern coastal areas of England, while another area of showers, wintry in nature with snow falling increasingly to lower levels, spread south across Scotland through the night. Turning cloudier across southern counties of England and Wales – with rain spreading in across the southwest. Elsewhere, showers will fade and skies will clear to allow a frost to develop.


A cloudy morning on Thursday across southern England and south Wales, with some rain across the  southwest clearing into the English Channel by mid-morning, turning brighter from the northwest into the afternoon – but with a few scattered showers. Further north, showers across Scotland from the word go, wintry at first, spreading south into northern England and N. Ireland through the day, sunshine and showers for these northern areas for much of the day. After a dry and bright start, mid-to-north Wales, the Midlands across to Lincolnshire, some showers developing. Another chilly day, temperatures reaching 9-13C at best.


After another chilly and locally frosty start, Friday will see showers develop again, but becoming focused towards eastern England and eastern Scotland by the afternoon. Southern, central and western areas becoming mostly dry and sunny by the afternoon. Cloud thickening towards the west and southwest into the evening. A little warmer in the south, but highs still a few degrees below average, reaching 10-12C across the north, 12-15C in the south.


Turning wet and windy from the southwest across SW England and Wales Friday night, then cloudy and rather windy with outbreaks of rain spreading northeast across many areas during Saturday, rain locally heavy and persistent. Gales possible around coasts. But with a strong wind from the southwest, it will at least be mild.

Remaining windy on Sunday, with squally showers or longer spells of rain, generally cloudy, but some bright or sunny spells too. With the brisk southwesterly flow, warmer than of late with any brightness or sunshine, temperatures reaching 19C in the south.

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