Issued: 17th April 2021 09:24

More frosty nights and sunny days to come as the weather stays in a rut

It's been a cold April so far. We've already had ten air and twelve frosts at my weather station just to the East of Nottingham. And with the weather firmly stuck in a rut at the moment, nothing much is going to change. So we keep the mainly dry conditions with few signs of any worthwhile rain at least for another week, as a strong ridge from an anticyclone over Scandinavia refuses to budge.

High pressure refusing to budge

So without the risk of having to repeat myself, it's been yet another frosty start over much of the country -5C at Benson and Lakenheath first thing, with any remaining mist or fog patches quickly dispersing in the warm spring sunshine. As on other mornings, though, some cloud will build by the afternoon, but apart from the small risk of catching a very isolated light shower, it'll stay dry. Over Northern Ireland and the Western Isles, you'll see patchy cloud at first, but even here, the sun will come through in a southerly breeze before it clouds over more generally in the far West.

A lot of sunshine on Saturday

Elsewhere winds will be light, but it'll continue to feel chilly across the South East when the sun goes in, with coasts of Essex, Suffolk and Kent exposed to North Easterly breeze, struggling to reach 9 or 10C. While a little disappointing for April, 12 to 14C will be nearer the mark elsewhere, with sheltered parts of North West England and around the Moray Firth probably reaching 15 or 16C briefly into the afternoon.

Temperatures on Saturday afternoon

Cloud giving mostly light rain or drizzle works its way into  Northern Ireland and the North and West of Scotland overnight on a southerly breeze. Elsewhere most parts see clearing skies again into the evening, leading to another fine, dry night in light winds. There'll be yet another slight frost, mainly in rural areas, with a few short-lived mist or fog patches forming towards dawn as temperatures fall to -2 to +3C. But it'll be milder in North and West, where the thermometer shouldn't fall below 4 to 7C. 

A southerly breeze brings cloud and occasional rain to Northern Ireland and the North and West of Scotland on Sunday, with a few heavier bursts as Atlantic fronts creep a little further eastward. The remainder of Scotland, Wales and North West England also see patchy cloud, but much of it will be thin and high, leaving central and eastern parts with the lions share of the sunshine.

After another cold start over much of England and East Wales, the afternoon will be pleasantly mild as winds here continue mostly light, with top temperatures of 13 to 16C slightly up on recent values. In the North and West under the cloud, however, it'll be a little cooler.

Temperatures on Sunday afternoon

Although Northern Ireland may become dry with skies perhaps breaking towards Down and Armagh by dawn, little changes into the evening. North West Scotland sees further showers but elsewhere, it continues dry. Clear spells lead to another touch of frost and a few mist or fog patches, mostly in central and eastern areas, with the lowest temperatures 5 to 7C in the West and -1 to +3C further East. Winds remain mostly light but with the West and North remaining in a southerly breeze.

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