Another cold weekend before temperatures begin to recover next week

Issued: 10th April 2021 09:57
Updated: 10th April 2021 10:05

Another cold weekend before temperatures begin to recover next week

We'll have to wait until mid-week before temperatures approach near normal values, after another cold weekend. So expect more night frosts and some snow, mostly on hills, from the Midlands northward. Even when it becomes a little milder, the chances are there'll be another cold spell in the second half of April in polar continental air. So gardeners and growers beware.

It was cold and frosty this morning across the northern half of the country, with temperatures as low -7C at Shap first thing. There are also some showers over central parts falling as snow in the Peak District, with others developing through the day, giving a wintry mix of rain, hail, sleet and mostly hill snow. But there'll also be some sunshine and not everywhere will catch a shower.

Radar at 0935 this morning

From the West Country through the South Midlands to East Anglia, a troublesome cold front is giving some rain that'll also bring a few showers to the South and South-East by the afternoon, before clearing from the South West later.  A North Easterly wind across the East and South will feel increasingly raw, with a cold northerly breeze elsewhere. This'll restrict temperatures to no more than 7 to 9C in the South and 4 to 6C further North, giving another chilly day for April.

That troublesome front may continue to bring patchy rain to the South East and parts of East Anglia into the evening, with perhaps a little sleet or wet snow on hills for a time before finally clearing overnight. Elsewhere the scattering of wintry showers will largely fade, leaving clearing skies after dark. This'll lead to a widespread slight locally moderate frost, with the lowest temperatures mostly in the range of -1 to -4C. A raw North or North Easterly breeze will be fresher towards Kent, but parts of the South and South-East will just about escape a frost despite this.

Sunday after a cold and frosty start quite widely begins fine in most parts with some sunshine, but cloud will 'bubble up' through the morning. Showers will develop once more, a few locally heavy by the afternoon over England and Wales. They'll also be wintry in places giving hail, sleet and hill snow, but again not everywhere will be affected. Scotland and Northern Ireland see fewer showers, but here, it'll turn cloudy in the West with perhaps some rain arriving later. On another chilly day, temperatures get no higher than 5 to 7C in the North and 8 to 10C further South in a cold North Westerly breeze that may freshen a little from the South West in the far West later.

Temperatures on Sunday afternoon

The showers fade into the evening, leaving England, Wales and much of Scotland with another cold night. There'll be a frost again, especially in rural areas, with the lowest temperatures between about -3 to +2C in a light Westerly breeze. But over Northern Ireland, an Atlantic system will bring occasional rain or drizzle. Still, at least it'll be milder across the province, with temperatures here unlikely to fall below 5 to 7C in a South Westerly breeze.

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