Issued: 7th March 2021 09:24

A couple more days then say goodbye to the high pressure as the jet stream powers up

We have a couple more days of dry, quiet weather across most of England and Wales, but things are on the change now. As the Jet Stream powers up, it'll bring the return of weather from the Atlantic, making it much more unsettled from mid-week. There'll be spells of rain heavy in places, and it'll become windy with gales, especially in the North West but it'll be milder, at least for a while.

Whilst a northerly breeze could bring an isolated light shower to Kent, it'll be another dry, quiet day for much of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. But cloud amounts continue to be quite large, with parts of eastern England yet to record an hour of sun so far this month, although most places will see at least see some sunshine today. Southern Scotland will also be mainly dry and bright at times, but Atlantic fronts will bring some rain to eastern parts at first and also to the North and West of Scotland.

Winds stay mostly light, but with a South or South West breeze developing in the North and West. After a frost in places at first, especially over South Wales and around the Welsh marshes, it'll feel cold again in any breeze, with top temperatures of 6 to 8C disappointing for early March. It'll be somewhat milder in the far West and North, where 8 to 10C is more likely.

Temperatures on Sunday afternoon

Little change is likely across England and Wales after dark with a frost forming where skies clear, although cloud amounts remain variable. It stays dry, with light winds allowing a few mist or fog patches to form briefly around dawn, as temperatures fall to -2 to +3C. There'll be further showers over Scotland, although not everywhere will see them, with the North becoming clearer. Northern Ireland also sees few showers overnight, in a South Westerly breeze. This'll bring somewhat milder air to the province and West Scotland, where temperatures are unlikely to fall below 5 or 6C.

The new working week sees early mist, patchy fog and frost soon clearing from England and Wales. With skies probably more broken, there should be more in the way of sunny spells on Monday, giving a somewhat milder afternoon. Scotland, particularly the North at first, also have bright spells, but here there'll continue to be some showers that may spread to the parts of northern England later. Northern Ireland sees a few showers, with more general rain working its way into Tyrone and Fermanagh later.

There'll be a mostly be light or moderate South Westerly breeze that'll back southerly and freshen a little over Northern Ireland by the afternoon. Although still feel chilly over parts of England and Wales, top temperatures across the country of 8 to 11C will be slightly up on recent values.

Central, southern and eastern England stay dry after dark with broken skies. Elsewhere you'll be susceptible to showers, while the bursts of rain across Northern Ireland should have cleared from most parts by Tuesday morning. There'll be further showers over Scotland, but for many, it'll be a milder night in a South or South Westerly breeze, with the lowest temperatures mostly in the range of 3 to 7C.

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