Issued: 6th March 2021 09:35
Updated: 6th March 2021 09:54

High pressure in charge for the weekend but low pressure takes over next week

High pressure is back over the UK this weekend, but after starting the weekend slap bang over the centre of the country, it'll be starting to sink south, ahead of a significant change next week with Atlantic low pressure systems arriving to bring wet and windy weather at times. 

High pressure this weekend but low pressure arriving next week

For now, it's been a cold start to the weekend, with Cairnwell in the Highlands falling to -6.9c and even Pershore in the Midlands as low as -5c. There's some mist and murk around across a good part of England and Wales this morning, but it will tend to burn off to leave sunny spells during the second half of the morning. Into the afternoon, cloud will start to bubble up again, though. For Scotland, cloud has arrived overnight from the northwest, and that'll continue to spill southeast as the day wears on, with some bits and pieces of rain getting into the far north and northwest as well.

Temperatures today will struggle a tad, reaching 5-8c typically. With a bit of sunshine that may not feel too bad, but under the cloudier skies, chilly will probably be the word for it. With broken cloud over England and Wales overnight, it'll be another cold one with a good frost in those places which keep the clear skies for the longest. With more cloud over Scotland and Northern Ireland, though, frost is less likely and more showery rain will be working its way across the north of Scotland as the high pressure shifts south, allowing weather fronts to come in over the top of it.

High pressure sinking south on Sunday

Sunday will then continue with a similar theme with often cloudy skies over England and Wales but some sunny spells coming through at times. Further north, it's cloudier still, with rain at times across the northern half of the country, but it will spread further south as the day wears on. Temperatures will about be on a par with Saturday, perhaps squeezing to 8-10c though in the sunnier parts of eastern England and across Ireland.

Another cold, frosty night follows for parts of Wales along with central and southern England, with the cloudier skies with some outbreaks of rain in Scotland spreading south into Northern England by that stage. 

Despite the high starting to head further south, Monday should actually be a mostly dry day with variable amounts of cloud. There may be some showers affecting Scotland and Northern England at times, with western Scotland particularly prone, but they should be relatively few and far between in the main. With winds blowing in from a milder southwesterly direction, it'll be a touch milder than the weekend as well, with highs of 8-11c quite widely. 

Into Tuesday, the first real signs of change arrive as a mostly weak weather front makes a move in from the west, bringing generally showery rain into the country's western half. Still, it will struggle to make too many inroads east before beginning to fizzle out. The next Atlantic push won't be far behind, though, as low pressure moves up between Scotland and Iceland into Wednesday. That's going to bring a more forceful weather front, with rain (some heavy) spreading west to east across all parts. It'll be blustery too, with gales possible near to exposed northern and western coasts. 

Low pressure on Thursday may bring severe gales

A secondary low then looks set to swing up nearer to the UK into Thursday. This one has the potential to bring even windier weather, with severe gales a possibility. This is a long way off, though, and subject to change, so keep up to date with your local forecast for the latest over the coming days. 

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