Mid-week showers in the south, otherwise dry. Chilly where dull, pleasant in any sunshine

Issued: 2nd March 2021 09:59
Updated: 2nd March 2021 10:21

Mid-week showers in the south, otherwise dry. Chilly where dull, pleasant in any sunshine

High pressure will generally remain in charge for the rest of this week, so it will stay dry for many. But low cloud, mist and fog, which will become extensive overnight, will be stubborn to clear central and eastern areas over the next few days, with the best sunshine for southern and western regions. Not all places will remain dry; there will be a hiccup on Wednesday of a weakening low moving in from the southwest across southern England, bringing some showers to central and southern parts of England along with Wales. A new area of high pressure moving down from Greenland will settle across the UK by the end of the week, so Thursday and Friday will be dry for all, but the high will pull in colder air from the north and northeast, so feeling cold to end the week and it will be rather cloudy too, especially in the east.


For now, dry for all, but it’s a dull and misty or foggy start across many to start Tuesday, some dense fog patches around. The far west and far north have seen clear skies overnight, so it is beginning frosty and bright, with temperatures as low as -4C across north Wales and northern Scotland, the lowest temperature overnight of -6.6C Altnaharra in the northern Highlands.

Mist and low cloud shown by satellite this morning

An easterly or southeasterly flow has brought the low cloud, mist and fog off the North Sea and well inland across many areas overnight. Still, the greyness will eventually retreat northeast through the morning, but low cloud and mist will likely linger across parts of the Midlands and eastern England away from the southeast – which will turn brighter. Where cloud remains, it will feel cold. Sunny spells developing across southern and western areas of England and most of Wales into the afternoon. Scotland seeing low cloud, mist and fog patches across southern and eastern areas, but this will retreat back to eastern coasts through the day, with all parts joining the west of Scotland and N. Ireland to have a dry, bright or sunny day.

Cloud retreating back to coasts this afternoon

Where we keep the low cloud in the east, temperatures reaching 5-8C at best. Otherwise, in the sunshine feeling pleasant with temperatures reaching 10-14C.


Low cloud, mist and fog will return inland from the North Sea across eastern Scotland, central, northern and eastern England tonight, while cloudier skies with showers will spread in from the south across SW England and South Wales by the end of the night. Western Scotland, NW Wales and N. Ireland keeping clearer skies and here most likely to see a frost develop overnight. A chilly night away from the southwest, where it stay milder as the showers move in.


Wednesday will see a shallow area of low pressure moving into the southwest and occluded front ahead of it drifting north and east across southern Britain, which will extend showers already across SW England and south Wales to start the day north and eastwards across Wales, Midlands, south England and eventually into East Anglia. Some of these showers could turn out heavy, perhaps even with the odd rumble of thunder too. After a grey start, some brightness or sunny spells developing between the showers. Further north, mostly dry, some bright or sunny spells for NW England, N. Ireland and western Scotland, but eastern Scotland and NE England could stay grey and chilly. Mild across southern England – especially with any brightness, temperatures reaching 10-14C. Colder further north, temperatures reaching 7-9C, chillier along North Sea coasts where we keep the low cloud, only 4-6C.

Thursday & Friday

As we head towards the end of the week, a new area of high pressure will drop down from Iceland and over the UK. This will pull down colder air from the north behind a cold front across all areas by early Friday. Thursday is looking mostly cloudy and cooler day in the south, showers to start the day across SE England and East Anglia should clear in the morning, eastern coastal areas could see some showers spread south though, otherwise a mostly dry day. Best chance of sunshine across the far west. Friday will be a cold day across all areas, generally dry with high pressure in charge but rather cloudy, sun quite limited. Temperatures ranging from 5-6C in the north to 7-8C in the south.

Colder air spreading south later this week as high pressure moves down from the north

High pressure over the UK on Friday


Clearing skies Friday night could allow some localised frost to develop for Saturday morning. The day itself mostly dry with more in the way sunshine for England and Wales, but perhaps turning cloudier from the west for Scotland, with rain and hill snow by evening in the west. Perhaps more unsettled with showery rain and milder across the north on Sunday, southern areas drier and brighter with early frost.

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