Cold, sunny start but milder air, snowmelt and more rain ups the flood risk

Issued: 25th January 2021 09:19
Updated: 25th January 2021 14:29

Cold, sunny start but milder air, snowmelt and more rain ups the flood risk

It is a cold, frosty and icy start for Monday. Some areas still have decent snow cover and for others, it was fleeting snow which has now turned to slush. For most, today will be sunny as the Sunday snow event has cleared.

Clear skies on Monday showing lying snow. 

18cm of snow was officially recorded at Wittering near Peterborough which starts the day at -7C. There was also deep snow for the Midlands and a fair covering for other parts of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Scotland has still got snow lying from last week and wintry showers continue to feed in from the northwest. These are a mix of snow for the mountains then increasingly as rain to low levels. There are still snow showers feeding into North Wales and over West Yorkshire but as pressure rises, these fade this morning.

Temperatures overnight have plummeted below zero and there is the risk of ice but it will be a gorgeous looking day, out of the window, with bright sunshine and blue skies.

Snow forecast

You really don’t want to be slipping over on the ice and breaking something currently. Also, ongoing is the flooding impacts from all the rain in Storm Christoph last week. Local flooding is still likely for western England with the risk of travel disruption. Groundwater levels are high in North Yorkshire. And there is more rain in the forecast with Wales, southern Scotland and northern England seeing the flood risk increase midweek, possibly eastern England by Thursday.

There will be a succession of Atlantic fronts moving in, bringing rain and also milder air, so snow melt will add to the already sensitive ground and river situation along with the extra rain. By midweek temperatures in Northern Ireland and the southern half of Britain will be at 7 or 8C, even higher for southern Britain by Thursday. The falling rain will speed up the melt of any lying snow.  

For snow, as one frontal band sweeps in on Tuesday it will come up against the cold air over Britain. It will bring rain to Northern Ireland, Wales and central & southern England but over the hills of northern England and Scotland, there will be some snowfall. It remains colder for Scotland and NE England this week but not sub-zero.


It has been the coldest night of the winter so far for Wales with temperatures down near to -10C here and in Northern Ireland, -9C recorded for Yorkshire and the Midlands. High pressure is building, briefly to the south allowing the settled, sunny and clear weather. There will be a few showers brushing the north coast of Northern Ireland later today and the continued more wintry mix for NW Highlands. There is a low pressure over the North Sea and around this it creates more of a breeze for the UK which adds to the chill in the air today. Temperatures of 3 to 6C but feeling colder.


It will be clear and cold for most with frost and ice. A cluster of showers will turn to snow inland over SW England then Cumbria and the north Pennines for a time tonight but then fade. Temperatures widely fall to zero or below as the winds fall light.

However, there is this incoming frontal system with high cloud reaching into the west with patchy rain, a bit of wet snow for a time over the higher ground reaching Northern Ireland, Wales and SW England by sunrise on Tuesday. The southerly winds begin to pick up as the rain sets in and there will be a spell of snowfall, mainly for northern hills during Tuesday afternoon (Peak District to central Scotland) and then more by the evening for central Scotland. By then Northern Ireland and SW England will be in the milder air, still hovering around zero for northern Britain. There is now a Met Office warning for hill snow on Tuesday.

Bands of rain sweep in from the west over the next few days with mild air in the south, still the cold to the north. It doesn’t look like the amount of rain we saw last week but each day will see totals growing and the risk of flooding continues.

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