Mild vs Cold Battleground rest of the week, with snow in the north

Issued: 12th January 2021 10:09
Updated: 12th January 2021 10:26

Mild vs Cold Battleground rest of the week, with snow in the north

We are seeing a battle of cold and mild airmasses across Britain this week. Cold air has moved down across the north overnight, while milder air hangs on across the south. Rain along the frontal boundary of the two airmasses will clear south from all but the far southwest today, allowing colder but sunnier conditions to push south across most areas. Rain will push back in from the Atlantic on Wednesday, turning to snow over hills of Scotland and northern England. More rain spreading in on Thursday, falling as snow across the north and northeast as it bumps into cold air here, mostly over hills but perhaps to lower levels for a time, cold across northern and eastern areas but milder in the southwest. Friday a cold day but looks drier across the south, rain and hill snow returning to the north.


Cloud, rain and mild air hangs on across the south at breakfast time to the south of a cold front moving down across central areas, marking the boundary to colder and brighter conditions moving down across Scotland, N. Ireland and northern England. Temperatures below freezing across much of Scotland and the far north of England at breakfast time, as low as -5C at Glasgow Airport. In contrast, it’s 10C widely across SW England and the southern coasts of Wales.

North-south temperature contrast at 9am this morning

The cloud and rain across south this morning will gradually clear south from much of southern England, allowing colder and sunnier conditions already across the north to reach most areas through the afternoon. However, cloud and patchy rain will linger across south Wales and far SW of England through much of the day. But away from here, most places dry and sunny this afternoon, but there will be some wintry showers affecting northern and eastern Scotland, with a few rain showers clipping North Sea coasts of eastern England too. After a mild start in the south, temperatures falling here as colder air spreads south.

After temperatures peak at around 9-11C across southern England and south Wales this morning, dropping to 7-8C this afternoon, though staying around 11C across SW England. Further north, temperatures around to 2-5C mid-afternoon at best.


Turning cold with a frost forming under clear skies across Scotland and eastern England tonight, temperatures falling to 0C to -2C. Cloud and patchy rain across the far west and southwest to start the evening will edge back eastwards across Wales, NW England, west Midlands and much of SW England – so milder here.


Battle of the airmasses playing out on Wednesday. A warm front will push a band of rain east and northeast across many areas through the day, after a cold and frosty start in the north and east, with a wedge of milder air moving in behind across western areas. But as the rain bumps into the cold air across Scotland and northern England, it will turn to snow, mostly over higher ground, where it will settle, but perhaps to lower levels for a time before turning to rain. Cloud with rain and hill snow lingering across the north and east for much of the day, but turning drier and perhaps brighter across the southwest. The northeast of Scotland could stay dry and bright for much of the day though. Temperatures reaching 3-5C at best across Scotland, northern and eastern England as far south as Norfolk, milder further south and west, reaching 8-10C.


Wednesday night could see some disruptive snow fall develop across northern and eastern Scotland along with NE England, at lower levels too, as an occluding frontal boundary separating cold to the east and mild to the west grinds to a halt across the spine of Britain. Outbreaks of rain elsewhere and the rain across many areas along with snow in the northeast will continue into Thursday, as low pressure moves in from the west, snow continuing to fall across eastern Scotland and NE England – bringing a risk of disruption. The Met Office have yellow warnings in force for snow for these areas.


The rain and snow finally clearing eastern areas Thursday evening and night. Then it looks a drier day on Friday across England and Wales, as a ridge of high pressure builds in, but it will be rather cloudy, best chance of sunshine in the far south. Scotland and N. Ireland will see rain and hill snow move in from the west after a dry morning. A cold day, temperatures reaching 4-7C.

Unsettled to start the weekend, cold on Saturday, with outbreaks of rain spreading east across all parts, turning to snow across higher ground in the north. Perhaps drier on Sunday, as a ridge of high pressure builds in.

A great deal of uncertainty as we head through next week, it looks to turn increasingly unsettled but also perhaps much colder from the north mid-week, with an increasing risk of snow almost anywhere.

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