Turning less cold with rain featuring far more than snow this week

Issued: 10th January 2021 10:07
Updated: 10th January 2021 10:12

Turning less cold with rain featuring far more than snow this week

Cloudier, slightly milder air is starting to filter across the UK now, but this morning, there's been a widespread frost across southern and central England, along with parts of South Wales. There'll still be some cold air about during the next few days - especially in the north and northeast, but the over-riding theme will be a milder one, with some rain moving through at times.

Today, the hills and mountains of Northern Scotland, and in particular Orkney and the Shetland Isles are certainly cold enough for snow - there is a Met Office warning issued for those Northern Isles due to that. Elsewhere, much of England, Wales and Scotland will often be cloudy, with some outbreaks of rain and hill snow running into Scotland, Northern England and Northern Ireland at times, one or two showers may even filter further south. The best of the sunshine today will be in southern and maybe central England, once any early morning fog has cleared. 

Away from the colder far northeast, temperatures will be up a notch on Saturday, reaching 4-7c quite widely, but maybe still struggling closer to zero in some southern counties where the fog and low cloud lingers for longer. 

Temperatures on Sunday afternoon

This evening and overnight, the rain, with snow on the high ground, will start to become more persistent in the northwest of Scotland. With mostly cloudy skies, elsewhere, it stays virtually frost-free away from the far south, where a few patches are likely. 

The start of Monday will see that rain continue in the northwest for a time before making a move southeast. As it makes that move, winds are going to start to swing into the north, turning more of the rain to snow over northern Scotland initially, with that potentially spreading down into central Scotland during the day. The outbreaks of rain will spread south through into England and Wales through the day and probably won't reach the south of England until after dark. 

A mild, cloudy, murky night with some drizzly bits of rain follows for much of central and southern England and Wales, but further north with skies clearing and colder air in place, there'll be a widespread frost with some icy patches likely. 

Tuesday will then be a day of split personalities, it'll likely still be cloudy and quite mild in southern regions, but head north out of that, and it'll be colder with sunny spells and another widespread frost after dark. The next spell of rain will be set to arrive overnight though, moving up from the southwest and ushering in milder air again, so as that arrives the frost will lift from the west. As it meets the cold air across northern England and Scotland, it may well bring some snow for a time, particularly over higher ground.

Rain moving northeast on Wednesday

There'll be quite the range of temperatures by the end of the day, as they head up into double-figures for the first time in a while behind the rain band, but they'll still be struggling underneath and ahead of it. 

Temperatures on Wednesday afternoon - up into double figures for some

Beyond that, it does look like high pressure will try to build in for a time, settling the weather down but still with the threat of some outbreaks of wetter weather trying to move in from the west or northwest. With higher pressure on the scene, there'll be varying amounts of cloud drifting around, meaning sunshine could be at a premium at times, with generally patchy overnight frosts. Fog could also develop in places.

If you're wondering about the return of colder weather, there's a lot of uncertainty at the moment, but temperatures will drop away to be fairly near to average by the end of the week. And, although the forecast models are toing and froing with the idea at the moment, it wouldn't be too much of a surprise if it turns colder still into the following week.

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