More Dullday than Sunday as cloud blankets the UK

Issued: 8th November 2020 09:31

More Dullday than Sunday as cloud blankets the UK

Sunday is not going to live up to its name this week, with lots of cloud and with it some outbreaks of rain moving southwest to northeast. The mild, often dull theme with patchy rain continues into the start of next week too, until it's interrupted midweek by a more organised band of rain and blustery winds moving in from the west.

The mildness really is a feature at the moment, Trawsgoed in Wales made it up to 17.4c yesterday, with many other areas well up into the teens. The average maximum for the time of year is 8-10c. The extra cloud around today will probably not allow temperatures to rise quite as high, but still many parts of England, Wales and Northern Ireland will reach 13-16c. Scotland will be a touch cooler at 9-13c.

The UK isn't the only place seeing much warmer than average temperatures currently either, and they'll be continuing into next week. 

Much warmer than average at the moment in the UK and further afield

The rain today (Sunday) is down to low pressure which is just away to the southwest of the British Isles, throwing fronts northeast. There'll be some heavy bursts in places, particularly in the west but it'll be patchy in nature, with some eastern and especially southeastern parts missing it entirely. The cloud will be more uniform, with much of the country struggling to see a glimpse of the sun today, perhaps the southeast and southwest of the country may buck the trend here and there though. 

The patchy rain will continue to work its way northeast this evening and overnight, with some showers likely to follow on behind into the southwest. They too will be moving north or northeast and will continue to do that into Monday as well, making for a pretty similar day to today. The northern half of Scotland may fair a bit better though, seeing more sunshine and not too many showers. It'll be another mild day everywhere. 

Tuesday won't be an especially different day either, although the showery rain does look set to more scattered and infrequent than it was on Monday. With that, there may even be some more chances to see some sunshine, but there'll still be a reasonable amount of cloud drifting about. 

Later in the day, a band of rain will approach from the Atlantic and is likely to close in on the west of Ireland and Western Scotland by evening. With it, southerly winds will strengthen with gales possible near to western coasts from then on, through into Wednesday. The rain will make quite erratic progress east during Wednesday, perhaps not clearing eastern counties of England and Scotland until well after dark.

Beyond that, Thursday should bring plenty of sunshine but also some scattered showers. There is the threat of another spell of wet, windy weather coming through at the end of the week, but there's some uncertainty over this at the current time. Regardless though, the mild weather will continue through to the end of the week, and very likely beyond. 

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