Major change coming but more fine weather in the meantime

Issued: 20th September 2020 08:54

Major change coming but more fine weather in the meantime

It's been well documented that major changes are afoot, but for the meantime, it's much of the same. High pressure currently over Scotland will slip South and weaken, so after today we'll lose those gusty North East winds that have been plaguing central and southern parts. By Tuesday though, winds will be freshening this time from the South, bringing rain from the West by mid-week in weather more akin to autumn.

We have areas of cloud at the moment some of it quite low mostly over northern England, East Wales and the Midlands, but this'll break up to eventually leave a fine day with lots of sunshine. Low cloud and mist are also affecting parts of East Scotland, but this too will ultimately lift and clear leaving the bulk of the country with another fine, warm sunny afternoon. Although mostly dry like yesterday, almost anywhere across the Channel Islands, South West and the South coast as far East as the Isle of Wight could catch a locally quite sharp shower.

Once the early patchy fog has cleared, light winds over Scotland and Northern Ireland allow temperatures to reach 20 or 21C in the warmest spots, but 15 to 18C will be a more general figure. Elsewhere a North Easterly wind although somewhat lighter than yesterday will keep the East coast cooler, with top temperatures across England and Wales mostly in the range 19 to 23C, locally 24 or 25C towards the South East.

Temperatures on Sunday

Any showers in the far South West will fade into the evening, leaving most parts dry overnight with clear spells in light winds. Mist and patchy fog will form in rural areas, with low cloud although less extensive returning on a North Easterly breeze to some eastern coastal counties mostly to the South of the Humber.  A few rural valleys in the North could turn quite chilly by dawn with temperatures falling as low as 4 or 5C in the coldest spots, but 7 to 12C will be a more general minimum.

Monday looks like being the final day of the dry spell in the North and West, as pressure falls steadily. Nevertheless, it'll be another fine day across England and Wales with sunny spells once early mist, patches of fog and low cloud have cleared. With light winds, it'll also become warm even very warm in places as temperatures reach 19 to 23C quite widely and 24 or 25C again across much of the South and South East.

Most of Scotland and Northern Ireland are also fine, but as a South West wind freshens a little, cloud brings showers to the Northern and Western Isles later. But it'll be quite warm here too with top temperatures 18 to 22C in the best of the sunshine towards Fife, Lothian and The Borders, but only 13 to 15C is expected further North.

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Weather on Monday

Into the evening and after dark, we begin to see things breaking down, but apart from a few showers mostly in the West, there should still be a fair amount of dry weather across the country. With primarily light breezes across England and Wales, some places may turn misty, but as a southerly wind freshens further in the West later in the night, Northern Ireland and the far West of Scotland will become wet. In a mild though across most parts, temperatures generally shouldn't fall below 8 to 13C.

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