September heat to start the week, lingering in the south

Issued: 14th September 2020 09:47

September heat to start the week, lingering in the south

Oh, isn’t it warm! Temperatures will widely be in the 20sC for the start of this week, even reaching 30C today and tomorrow with light winds. The focus of the heat will be in the SE, but the warmth will spill up through the UK tipping temperatures into the low, possibly mid 20sC for Northern Ireland and Scotland depending on the incoming cloud. This September warmth will last for southern Britain until Friday.

It will feel very warm and humid, Monday night and Tuesday night look warm too. Quite a change from the fresh blustery weekend weather many have experienced and the heaviest rain over western Scotland is finally clearing. The warmth had started to arrive on Sunday, but it will get hotter.

For many today there will be sunshine.  Ireland sees more cloud and showery outbreaks later in the day. These gather themselves over Northern Ireland tonight around a set of upper fronts, also reaching western then northern Scotland. This medium level activity will bring more cloud for Tuesday and adds some uncertainty to the forecast temperature values. Temperatures should be even higher on Tuesday than today for many parts. However, the extra cloud with the risk of a few showers means lower confidence. Still, it will be very warm, not windy and fine.


There has been a little bit of mist and fog about first thing with very light winds and the clear skies overnight. For much of Britain, there will be lots of sunshine, fine conditions and it stays dry.  It is still damp in the far west though in the onshore south-westerly flow for the coastal NW Scotland with more cloud. Patchy rain shifts to the Northern Isles. Northern Ireland also has more cloud and it spreads over southern Scotland with some showery rain to come later, mostly sticking to western shores.

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Northern Ireland up to 21C, Scotland high teens, low 20sC with Aberdeen seeing 21C. Manchester and Leeds up to 25C, Birmingham, Cardiff and Ipswich 26C this afternoon. Winchester 28C and Greater London should see 30, possibly 31C today.

By this evening there will be a few showers even one or two sharp ones. Most places stay dry and have a warm, close night. Western Wales and NW England will really feel this not just SE England. Wet weather clips Northern Ireland and passes north over western Scotland. Not lingering as it did this weekend but there could be a thundery burst within the heavier pulses and a few showers could reach SW England even Wales.


Another very warm and fine day for most of the UK. The rain will be over the far north of Scotland with medium cloud draped over all but eastern England. So not quite the glorious sunshine of today but still, bright with sunny spells and very warm even hot with hardly any breeze. Temperatures could reach 32C, it will depend on the cloud with will become patchy and break. There will be a few showers for northern Britain by Tuesday evening although most places stay dry and more cloud about, especially near the North Sea.

The warmth continues, particularly for the southern half of Britain. Lots of dry weather with high pressure nearby although Wednesday night looks nippy for Scotland.

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