Severe storms breaking out as the hot weather breaks down

Issued: 26th June 2020 10:23
Updated: 26th June 2020 10:24

Severe storms breaking out as the hot weather breaks down

Thursday saw the mercury climb above 30C in both England, Wales and Scotland, making it the hottest day of the year so far in all three countries. Scotland saw 30.8C at Prestwick, Wales saw 31.4C at Trawsgoed, England saw 33.4C at Heathrow. However, the western edge of the plume of heat still across the UK saw some thunderstorms erupt yesterday, with those storms continuing to move north overnight and rumbling across parts of the west and also far southeast this morning.

Lightning strikes during the last 24 hours

It won’t be quite so hot for most today, as we start to see the heat breakdown from the west, with thunderstorms breaking out in places, perhaps severe across parts of the Midlands and northern England later. The breakdown to cooler conditions off the Atlantic will continue into the weekend, as low pressure moves in from the west, to be centred close to western Scotland. So it will turn fresher and windier, with showers or longer spells of rain, thundery in places.


For now, heavy thundery showers spreading north across NW England and western Scotland, some more active thunderstorms behind rumbling north across Shropshire into Cheshire and Liverpool area next few hours too. While some earlier thunderstorms moving across the far southeast are now clipping Suffolk before clearing by late morning. Otherwise, for most areas it’s dry, sunny and already very warm morning, following a very warm night with temperature not falling lower than 21C in a few spots.

06z UKV cloud cover and rainfall today and tonight

Heavy thundery showers will continue to clear north across the northwest late morning and into the afternoon, turning very warm or hot in the sunshine elsewhere, but the heat will trigger some thunderstorms, notably from the Midlands and NE Wales northwards across northern England into southern Scotland this afternoon. Some of these storms could be severe, with large hail, frequent lightning and torrential rain (30-50mm falling in an hour) causing flash-flooding. Met Office warnings for thunderstorms are in force across much of the UK.

Heavy showers with thunder also likely across western Scotland and N. Ireland this afternoon, but elsewhere across south Wales, southern England and eastern Scotland it will stay mostly dry and sunny, though perhaps not with the blue skies of late and the odd isolated thunderstorm can’t be ruled out. A very warm and humid afternoon – temperatures reaching 21-25C across Scotland, N. Ireland, Wales and SW England, central, northern and eastern England hot – temperatures reaching 26-30C.

Temperatures this afternoon


Thunderstorms will rumble north across northern England and Scotland this evening before clearing away in the early hours. Turning breezier and fresher across the west this evening, with cloud thickening and showery rain moving in, before the shower rain, perhaps locally heavy with odd rumble of thunder, continues northeast across much of England and Wales overnight. Scotland and eastern England perhaps staying dry in the early hours. Warm again tonight, but not as warm and oppressive as last night.


An area of low pressure will move northeast across Ireland towards the west of Scotland during Saturday, spreading fronts across the UK bringing bands of showers across many areas, showers locally heavy with thunder in places. Some dry and sunny intervals at times too. A breezy day and feeling much fresher across all parts with the warm and humid plume shoved away to the east by low pressure moving in. Temperatures reaching 16-19C across the north and west, 19-21C across the south and east.

Low pressure staying close to the northwest on Sunday, so the heaviest of the showers or longer spells of rain across northern and western areas – where it will be quite windy and cool too. Drier and sunnier across southern, central and eastern England – with just the odd passing shower. A blustery day so feeling fresh and cooler than of late – temperatures reaching 15-18C in the north, 18-21C in the south.

Next week

Low pressure looks to cross the north Monday before clearing east towards Scandinavia on Tuesday, so both days will be blustery with sunny spells and scattered showers, most of the showers across the north – where they could be heavy and perhaps thundery. A new area of low pressure moving in across the south or west mid-week could bring further showers or longer spells of rain to many areas on Wednesday, some uncertainty for the rest of the week, but it looks more than likely to remain unsettled with further showers or longer spells of rain, with no return to the heat of the last few days.

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