Some first weekend of Summer - even the pigeons don't fancy it

Issued: 6th June 2020 09:35

Some first weekend of Summer - even the pigeons don't fancy it

Typical isn't it, just when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted enough to allow more sport, the weather changes. Pigeon fanciers will be particularly peeved this morning by this unfortunate dose of 'sod's law', after not being allowed to race for many weeks in perfect conditions. On the other hand, many farmers will be pleased, as at long last they see their parched fields get a welcome drink, as a small but vigorous depression in the North Sea gives a mostly cool, unusually windy, showery start to the weekend.

Low pressure near to the east coast on Saturday

It's a mostly dry start in the South with some sunshine, but it won't last, as a band of rain currently across North Wales, the Midlands and East Anglia moves in fragmenting into scattered showers as it comes. The North and West of Scotland are beginning wet, but this too will break into showers. Otherwise, for most parts, it's a story of sunny intervals and scattered blustery showers. Some in the East will be heavy giving local hail and thunder, with the best of the weather today over sheltered parts of central and southern Scotland and towards the South coast.

A fresh and blustery West or North Westerly wind will give strong or gale-force gusts of up to 45 or 50mph along exposed coasts making it feel cold, especially when a  shower comes along. As a result, it'll be rather cool, with top temperatures mostly in the range 12 to 17C, but in the brighter spots, 18 or 19C is possible by this afternoon.

Gusting winds on Saturday

In a chilly evening and night, further showers are likely particularly over North East and eastern England where you'll keep a good deal of cloud. Elsewhere the showers become fewer and lighter generally, allowing skies to break. Clear intervals will develop especially across Northern Ireland and in sheltered western areas, with a still somewhat blustery North or North-West wind decreasing a little. This'll continue to feel cold though but should prevent temperatures from falling below 4 to 8C.

Sunday sees the weather beginning to improve a little, but it'll remain chilly in the wind. There'll be a further scattering of showers particularly in the East where a few could still be heavy giving local hail and perhaps thunder. In the West the showers will be fewer and not everywhere will catch one, with the best of the sunny spells on offer where you have shelter from a North West or northerly wind that won't be so blustery. Top temperatures 12 to 16C in the North and 17 or 18C locally 19Cin the South.

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Temperatures on Sunday afternoon

As pressure begins to rise and a northerly wind continues to decrease, the showers will slowly fade becoming largely confined to exposed coasts and a few eastern areas by morning. As skies clear it'll turn quite chilly, with some sheltered rural valleys of the North perhaps turning cold enough for a touch of grass frost briefly around dawn. Lowest temperatures though should mostly be in the range 3 to 8C.

Although still rather mixed, temperatures will recover next week. It'll be finer and drier by Wednesday, with showers probably returning later in the week.

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