More warmth and little rain in the forecast as May ends

Issued: 26th May 2020 09:44

More warmth and little rain in the forecast as May ends

That was quite a bank holiday weekend. The wild conditions of Friday and Saturday as a deep Atlantic low passed by the NW and then warm sunshine on Monday as temperatures reached 26.6C in Teddington, SW London and 25.6 in Lincolnshire.

It stays warm for south-eastern Britain then southern Britain today and tomorrow but later in the week, the warm air will extend north throughout the UK with temperatures into the 20sC.

Friday UK warmth

If you are looking for rain, there is very little for the end of May. A little drizzle this morning which disappears as the cold front heading south fades. This frontal band is bringing more cloud today. High pressure bringing more settled, fine and warm weather but staying dry and just a few Atlantic fronts brushing by Northern Ireland and western Scotland with rain for the far NW of the UK.


SE England will be warm and sunny today with very light winds and temperatures in the mid 20sC, London up to 26C. The fading cold front will bring more cloud over the rest of England and Wales, making the SE sunshine turn more hazy later in the day. However, most areas will see brightness, even sunshine coming through. The winds will be very light and temperatures will be in the high teens, low twenties C although with a NW breeze off the Irish Sea so only 16C for Blackpool but 19C for Skegness on the east coast.

Northern Ireland will have temperatures in the mid to high teens today. A very light NW breeze and a fine day with sunny spells. For Scotland, there are just a few showers in the far north this morning and one or two will affect Shetland during today. Otherwise, it is a dry picture with sunshine, patchy cloud and a westerly wind which will be fresh for the Western Isles and light in the east. Temperatures in the mid to high teens.

We are in a slight lull with the pollen before the grass season gets going in earnest. UV levels are high now for southern Britain.

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There were moderate levels of air pollution in NW England and Gt. London on Monday. With light winds and the forecast warmth, there will be pockets of Moderate air pollution this week, more widespread by Saturday.

UK air pollution air quality May 2020

A settled dry night with very light winds. Southern Britain stays mild with more cloud, further north there will be clearer skies and temperatures falling into single figures. By morning a warm front will have moved around the western side of the High.

UK weather air pressure over Atlantic and Europe


This will bring more cloud and dampness to Northern Ireland for Wednesday morning, the cloud increases through the Irish Sea, over southern Scotland and Cumbria. The old cold front will still be providing a little more cloud for southern England, particularly around the Thames with an easterly breeze. Inland southern UK will be warm, into the 20sC. For the northern half of the UK mid to high teens with hardly any breeze.

As the high shifts eastwards that will allow warmer air to flow up from the south for Friday and the weekend.

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