UK weather: Warm sunshine as temperatures move into the low 20s Celsius with high Tree pollen

Issued: 6th April 2020 09:22
Updated: 7th April 2020 08:28

UK weather: Warm sunshine as temperatures move into the low 20s Celsius with high Tree pollen

The warmth and strength of the April sunshine are building, especially sheltered from the blustery winds. London managed 22C (72F) on Sunday and although a cold front has moved across the UK there will still be plenty of sunny spells today, lifting temperatures well into the teens.

UV levels are rising so it would be worth sourcing this year’s sunscreen. Especially For children who can play out in a garden and if your daily exercise is around the middle of the day.

UV for UK

The cold front is a band of cloud north-south with patchy rain over SE, East Midlands and eastern England. Behind this, there are clearer skies and sunshine but also clusters of showers. Some of these will be heavy, with hail in the far NW. Pressure is rising today from the SW so the showers ease later in the day and eastern areas improve, see more sunshine with temperatures in the mid to high teens.

UK forecast for Monday afternoon

There will be a brisk wind for Scotland and a moderate breeze from the SW then west which will make Northern Ireland and NW England feel cooler today at 11 to 14. Scotland will see a few more showers this afternoon but for most of Britain, it will be dry and sunny with London up to 19C with light winds.

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Tonight, it will be clear and dry and colder. A few spots down to freezing with light winds although the SW winds will be strong for the Western Isles with showers nearby.

Another fine day on Tuesday with a lot of sunshine. Temperatures in the mid to high teens with a southerly breeze which will continue to be strong for the far NW. London looks likely to see the low twenties Celsius again.

UK pollen risk forecast

There will be high tree pollen and low to moderate spores. So, bear that in mind if you are prone to seasonal allergies. No grass pollen yet. In the sunny, dry and warm weather there is now birch and ash pollen in the air

By Wednesday a weak cold front will move in from the NW bringing more cloud and patchy rain. For much of the UK, it will be fine and settled and warm. Temperatures will be in the low 20s C for more parts of inland southern Britain with very light winds and an isolated shower. Cooler, breezy with more cloud and a little rain in the west for Scotland and Northern Ireland. Fair for northern England in the mid to high teens. Overnight there will be a frost for inland Scotland as the cold front moves towards the border and also Northern Ireland,

Later in the week, it all becomes more messy. Thursday looks okay but with a bit more cloud. Then more cloud and outbreaks of rain from the SW. Eastern areas still look quite dry but by the end of Friday the warm air will have gone and there will be rain for more of the UK heading north.

There will be a lot of dry weather during this week so this spell of rain for Good Friday would be quite a change. There will be showery outbreaks for some in the next few days, but overall high pressure is keeping our UK weather quite settled and slightly warmer than average in the run up to Easter. 

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