Spring warmth and sunshine this weekend but we've got to stay at home

Issued: 4th April 2020 09:54
Updated: 4th April 2020 14:56

Spring warmth and sunshine this weekend but we've got to stay at home

In normal times we'd be talking about the excellent timing of the sunshine and warmth coming through at the weekend. But of course, these aren't normal times, so even though temperatures could get to 20-21c in places tomorrow, we're all going to have to enjoy it from home.

The change from chill northerly winds to milder southerly ones has already taken place, thanks to high pressure out to our east and low pressure to our west. The warmest air hasn't arrived yet, and there's a fair amount of cloud around as we start the weekend. But, that cloud will thin and break from the south today, with warmer air creeping north all the while. 

The best of the sunshine today will be in southern and central regions this afternoon and into the evening, but further north it stays a lot more cloudy. There'll even be some patchy rain across the far north of Scotland, and perhaps one or two showers moving up into northern England and southern Scotland. Most places will be dry, though. Temperatures will peak across south and central England with highs of 15-16c. Elsewhere, 10-13c will be typical. 

Tonight, the clearer skies will spread ever further north. But at the same time, the cloud will fill in from the west as a front approaches. That's linked to low pressure, which will be nearing on Sunday, it'll help to pull up that warmer air, but it'll also bring strong winds into western parts - across Ireland and into the west of Scotland in particular, where gales are likely.

Temperatures on Sunday afternoon

It'll be central and eastern England seeing the bulk of the sunshine on Sunday, and with that the best of the warmth too. Highs here are likely to top 20c, with many parts seeing the mid-high teens. That is only part of the story though, with that low and its weather front out to the west, moving in through the day. It'll bring some showery, potentially heavy rain into Ireland first, reaching western Britain later in the afternoon and into the early evening.

That will then gather itself and spread east to the rest of the UK overnight and into Monday. As that happens, the strongest winds will continue to affect the north of Scotland for a time before easing away first thing on Monday. The rain may take a couple of hours in the morning to clear the southeast corner, but then all parts of the country will be into the same boat. There'll be a cooler, fresher feel, but still warm enough in the sunshine. It'll also be breezy if not blustery in the north and west, and there'll be a scattering of showers with sunny spells in between. Temperatures will still peak well into the mid-teens in the east and especially the southeast but elsewhere 10-14c will be about it.

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High pressure to the southeast of the UK on Wednesday

Tuesday and Wednesday see high pressure retaking more control across the bulk of England and Wales, where warmer air will make a return. To the north and west, there will be more complications though, with low pressure not too far away, bringing some rain into northwest Scotland later on Tuesday, which will try to head further south and east overnight and into Wednesday. It'll have a struggle with high pressure to the southeast blocking its progress, but it will mean a period of strong winds and some rain coming through from the far north of England northwards.

Stay at home this weekend

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