It's nippy out there, in that supermarket queue, even with the sunshine. Any snow?

Issued: 28th March 2020 10:34

It's nippy out there, in that supermarket queue, even with the sunshine. Any snow?

We have a different high pressure in charge of our UK weather over the next few days. This one is near to Iceland today, but will slip a bit further south. For the UK, to the side of this high, there will be a colder north to NE flow which means although it still looks amazing outside it is not as warm as it was in the week. Might as well Stay at Home.

Colder air from the north this weekend UK Thickness

Any snow? Well maybe a few passing showers, brought in from the North Sea. A wintry mix of rain, sleet, hail and snow. It is late March and the sun is getting stronger, need sunscreen if you are out gardening for long. If a wintry flurry comes through by day it won’t amount too much, but it could by night result in patchy deposits by Sunday morning, out of the window. And with colder air on Sunday, northern hills are likely to see a covering

UK snow

Today southern Britain will still feel okay around 9 to 12C with sunshine, as long as you stay out of the wind. The freshening NE wind will feel cold, noticeably so in the shade. Any showers today will mainly be for NE Britain

Frost tonight UK

The clocks are changing tonight, just to add to the overall feeling of not knowing what day/time it is. Spring forward. So, remember that with the weather charts, check if they are GMT still or local time. It will be cold tonight with clear skies, the chilly Arctic air. Overall, most areas have been dry but there still could be dampness on roads and pavements so just be aware there could be patchy ice or frost if out on your exercise of the day.

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By Sunday morning as the high shifts, there will be lighter winds for Scotland and Northern Ireland and the flow of showers off the North Sea will include more of eastern England, down to the SE. The fresh NE wind will feel cold and will drive the showers further inland. Wales, Northern Ireland, SW England, western Scotland all stay dry with sunshine. Temperatures across the UK will be in single figures.

supermarket queue ASda

By Sunday night into Monday, the wind will have backed to the north and there will be frost for southern England under clear skies. A few showers continue to run down Britain in the flow, not many but there looks to be a scattering over East Anglia during Monday morning. Mostly likely as rain as the colder air sidles away over Europe but could still see the odd wintry flurries for southeast England. Monday and Tuesday look settled, not quite as cold as at the weekend but not as warm as last week. The north breeze continues there will be more dry and sunny weather and the winds look mostly light to moderate.

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