Social distancing, Lockdown - Will we still need the weather forecast?
Video by Jo Farrow
Issued: 16th March 2020 15:16
Updated: 16th March 2020 18:37

Social distancing, Lockdown - Will we still need the weather forecast?

As sports reporters become “reporters” and more of Europe and the wider world go into lockdown, will we still need the weather forecast?

Of course, we will! Farmers can’t stop their work and they soak up the forecasts. If we do get a spell of snow or ice that has implications for people who still have to move about; the medical staff, emergency responders, delivery people and utility workers. Even if we are just looking out of the window, seeing snowflakes still causes a stir in the UK.  Later this week looks colder for the whole of the UK which will have implications if you have children at home (or even a partner) unable to understand the instruction –put a jumper on. High pressure will bring some fine, dry weather but it does look chilly.

The flood recovery continues, any more rain will be watched carefully by the Environment Agencies although the trend to more settled, drier conditions will be welcomed.

Already the USA ban on flights from Europe and then the UK has led to despondency in the storm chasing community this side of the pond. Regular attendees or once in a lifetime customers are waiting to see what will happen next with the travel news. Email updates are on their way today from the Netweather “Weather Holidays” team.

Many people will already be cancelling or adjusting their Easter plans. Back in February, half term trips, especially skiing in Italy brought concerns as people returned. Now with major destinations like Spain and the French Alps closed, plans are being discarded and most foreign school trips already cancelled.

So, if we are staying at home, hopefully not in lockdown, perhaps unable to travel far but hopefully still able to get out in spring 2020. With more warmth in the air thanks to more hours of stronger sunshine, birds cheeping, buds and flowers appearing at this time of year there is something very beguiling about the outdoors in springtime. It isn’t the season to be cooped up inside especially after such a soggy winter. Absorbing Vitamin D if you are out long enough but of course not too long unprotected from the UV.

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Coming up this week there will be a spell of colder weather, quite a chill by the weekend. The airflow is from the north and could bring some low cloud off the North Sea even wintry flurries. Away from that, there should be fine sunshine, just need to wrap up and still the risk of frost.

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