Disruptive Storm Dennis ramping up to bring a very wet, windy weekend with flooding likely

15th February 2020 10:08

Disruptive Storm Dennis ramping up to bring a very wet, windy weekend with flooding likely

Another weekend, another bout of severe weather, brought by a named storm - this time it's Dennis. It's all ramping up this morning, with rain and strong winds spreading in from the west. And it'll be both the wind and rain which will bring some disruption, as winds gust 50-60mph inland and 70mph plus in exposed parts - especially near to coasts.

The rain is likely to be heavy at times just about everywhere, but it's the high ground in the west and the north which will see the worst of it, falls of 100mm plus are likely across the weekend in the wettest spots. Saturday will be the wettest day, with persistent rain setting in. 

Rainfall totals on Saturday

On Sunday, the persistent wet weather will clear southeast, leaving behind a rash of blustery showers. There'll be further rainfall totals of 25mm or more in prone spots, which will only exacerbate any flooding issues. 

Rainfall totals on Sunday

Temperatures at the start of the weekend are going to be really mild, not that you'll feel it, particularly with all the wind and rain. Highs on Saturday afternoon are likely to touch the teens in parts of central and southern England and will be into double-figures across much of the rest of the UK. A band of heavy rain then becomes the dividing line between the still very mild air to the southeast and colder air arriving into the northwest overnight tonight.

So, those in southeastern parts will see temperatures way up into double-figures, even the low teens. Under the rain across northern and central England, along with Wales, it'll be a mid-range 6-8c, but further north over Scotland and Northern Ireland there'll be some frost and ice under clearing skies, but also increasingly wintry showers. 

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Very mild in the southeast overnight, colder with ice patches and wintry showers in Scotland, wet in between

During Sunday, the rain - which is likely to be squally and heavy as it moves through, will eventually clear the southeast corner. That'll then leave the whole UK into a colder, fresher airmass. There'll be a good few showers around, some of which will be heavy and thundery, with hail mixed in. They'll also be falling as sleet and snow in the north and over high ground. 

It'll still be windy on Sunday as well, with the potential for more damage and disruption. There'll be two areas of wind to watch - one in the south and southeast as the rain is moving through, and the other in western and northern regions with gusts again up to around the 70mph mark in exposed parts, and becoming more widespread across Scotland and Northern England during the second half of the day. 

With all this weather happening, it's no surprise that the Met Office has warnings out across the weekend. There are also multiple flood warnings and alerts issued across the UK:

Take care if you're in a flood-affected area - things may change quickly so please do stay up to date with your local warnings. Beyond the weekend, the strong winds will continue across the north of the country, and especially Scotland into Monday, before easing. The showery conditions will also carry through into Monday, and with a colder airmass still over the UK, some will fall as sleet and snow. 

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