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Morning All, as noted overcast start to the day after a mild night with the low of 13.6°C at: 04:18, currently 17.7°C, RH67%, and a 9mph light breeze in from the north.

From above

At sea level

Dorsetbred | 3 Minutes Ago

Exactly, it looks very good indeed for most and the concerns about areas north of the Midlands missing out are no longer valid. Even this Sunday is looking a lot warmer and sunnier now than it did initially for most of us. As usual the BBC and Met Office are behind with the temperatures on their websites for Monday, but it looks to me like high 20s will be widespread on Monday.

Scorcher | 12 Minutes Ago

True - think we will see 5+ days 0f 30C, which is very good, with a couple of days topping 90F.

Djdazzle | 23 Minutes Ago

Maybe peoples heads have been turned too far with some of the recent output? The upcoming week of weather would sit well in any great summer for many areas. I’ll likely see 80f breached for a week straight here, which is stunning (for me anyway, others will hate this I know).

mb018538 | 29 Minutes Ago

The cloud is starting to thin and break from the north as predicted. Might take until early afternoon the punch through further south. Looks more or less exactly how the ukv morning run shows things.

mb018538 | 33 Minutes Ago

Cleared up nicely yesterday with long sunny spells. Thought we were making progress. Back to complete cloud cover again this morning. 

MP-R | 36 Minutes Ago
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