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  • Location: Barton on Sea, Hampshire
  • Weather Preferences: Snowy winter, warm/hot summer with the odd storm thrown in
  • Location: Barton on Sea, Hampshire

    March 2021 Barton on Sea, Hampshire


    Max Temp: 20.6°C (30th)

    Min Temp: -3.3°C (8th)

    Mean Max: 11.3°C

    Mean Min: 4.0°C

    Air Frosts: 2


    Total: 29.6mm

    Wettest Day: 8.2mm (12th)

    Max Rain Rate: 49.4mm/hr (12th)


    Highest: 1034.44 hPa (17th)

    Lowest: 991.87 (13th)


    Days with snow falling: 0

    Days with snow lying: 0

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  • Location: Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland 20m ASL
  • Weather Preferences: Snow, Thunderstorms
  • Location: Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland 20m ASL

    Kirkcaldy, Fife March 2021

    highest pressure 1033.29 hpa

    lowest pressure 964.00 hpa 

    highest temperature 21.0C

    lowest temperature -1.2C

    mean temperature 7.7C 

    total rainfall 42.45mm 

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  • Location: Tamworth, Staffordshire
  • Weather Preferences: Thunderstorms and Snow
  • Location: Tamworth, Staffordshire

    March 2021: Tamworth, Staffordshire


    Max Temp: 24.0c (31st)

    Min Temp: -0.7c (7th)

    Highest Min: 10.3c (31st)

    Lowest Max: 4.6c (1st)

    Mean Max: 11.5c

    Mean Min: 4.0c

    Mean: 7.5c


    Total: 19.8mm

    Wettest Day: 4.0mm (12th)

    Rain Days: 11

    Other Stats

    Frosts: 2

    Ice Days: 0

    Snow Falling: 0

    Snow Lying: 0

    Max Snow Depth: N/A

    Thunder Days: 0

    Wind Gust Max: 58mph (10th)

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  • Location: Back in Edmonton Alberta(via Chelmsford, Exeter & Calgary)
  • Location: Back in Edmonton Alberta(via Chelmsford, Exeter & Calgary)

    March 2021 - Edmonton AB

    Overall a warm and very dry month finished +2.5c above normal with only 6mm of precipitation.

    Ave High = 6.2c

    Ave Low = -6.3c

    Mean = 0.0c

    Highest Temp = 15.7c (28th)

    Lowest Temp = -17.1c (11th)

    Total days of snow falling = 3

    Total snowfall = 5.5cm (6mm rainfall)

    Total Precip = 6.3mm


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  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks
  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks

    Cantley weather summary for March 2021

    Dry with above average temperatures is the brief summary.

    A cold start but ending with the second highest March temperature on the 31st. The last 3 days mean was 15.7 C, June averages out at 15.8 since 1997.

    It was also the first ‘dry’ month since November and I had 17 days without even a trace of rain.

    Mean=8.4 (7.3)

    Avge Max=12.2 (11.1) Highest by day=24.1 on 31 st and the warmest night gave 12.1 on 29 th

    Avge Min=4.6 (3.5) the colest night was 7 th with -1.1 and the coldest day 4.2 on the 3 rd

    Rainfall=17.4 (avge=34.8 **) the wettest day gave just 5.4 mm on the 10 th; there were 11 days with 0.2 or more and 8 with 1.0 or more

    No snow, hail or thunder.

    Air frost on 1 night (4) and ground frost on 4 (10)

    Fog was reported at 0900 clock time 2 mornings (3)

    ** rainfall average data is approximate ONLY

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  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania
  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania


    March - Hobart, Tasmania

    Slightly wet with a mean temperature anomaly of +0.3c above 1991-2020 or +0.6c above 1961-1990.

    Mean maximum:  21.2  ( +0.5 )

    Mean minimum:    11.6  ( +0.2 )

    Rainfall:  60mm  ( average 45mm )

    Rain days ( +1mm ) :  6/from total 9

    Generally cool at first with Southern Ocean fronts but showers few and far between. The trailing high to the west moved to the east on the 12th bringing a warm continental airflow. The cooler change was dry, with high pressure following through to the south and strengthening to the southeast of Tasmania and remaining stationary for several days, bringing a long warm sunny spell. Inversely, this strong southern high was directing considerably moist air off the Pacific onto the New South Wales coast. A cut off low formed off the New South Wales coast and tracked south, to be off Tasmania's northeast coast on the 24th, with 45mm in Hobart.  There was another 6mm on the night of the 26th as a front crossed from the west, then dry.

    Extremes in daily temperature for March ( records since 1882 ) :

    High max:  29.1.....12th  ( record 39.1 in 2019 )

    Low max:  16.3.....2nd  ( record 8.9 in 1925 )

    High min:  16.4.....13th  ( record 21.1 in 1906 )

    Low min:  7.7.....14th  ( record 1.8 in 1926 )


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