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Intense IFR Frontal - Flying

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Location: London, UK

    This was one of the most rewarding flights, in some of the most intimidating conditions I've ever flown. IFR flying is often a difficult subject to grasp but after two hours of nail-biting intense frontal conditions, a somewhat okay NDB/DME approach finishing with an RNP into Gloucester - It's educationally satisfying.


    This video really shows how intense single-pilot IFR flying can be in a small aircraft, walking away with many key learning points...

    I learned more in this one flight than any of all the IFR flights I've ever undertaken. A flight that pushes the limit of what one can do with the IR(R). If I am to pursue the venture that is the full IR(A) then I needed to push my capabilities and exercise the full privileges of my rating, safely and correctly. Some of the key learning points during this flight;

    1) Timing is key, ensure you are always on time for your slots/arrival time at the destination

    2) Be prepared for every eventually, runways change and so do the weather conditions

    3) Increase the checks throughout the flight such as BUFFPEAR, FATRED, WASP, and BUFF PEARL

    4) Having agreed SOPs to follow (This comes in the Pre-ATO/ATO training)

    5) If you are not doing something you have probably missed something


    Read more at https://www.theflyingvlog.uk/intense-frontal-ifr/



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