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3D Models for Teaching?

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Hi guys - I'm new here so not sure where to ask this. I figured I'd take a seat in the lounge and throw it out there! I'm a new teacher and, as I see there are a few techies and lots of science enthusiasts here, I thought I'd ask your opinions on something I came across that I was hoping to use in the classroom.

The 'something' in questions is this and others like it. 3D models that use a phone or iPad camera to 'appear' in the room in front of the user. Do you think they're useful for teaching, or just a distraction for the class? I'm slightly old fashioned as I come from Germany and we still use chalk boards and handouts to a great extent. In the UK where I live now, though, the pace of teaching is a lot faster it seems and definitely more high-tech.

I'm hoping to use these to spark inspiration for otherwise classically 'dry' topics, but I'm worried it could all be derailed if the students get too distracted (especially as I work in primary!)

Any teachers in this lovely lounge who can help with a perspective?

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