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October 2020 Barton on Sea, Hampshire


Max Temp: 17.9°C (8th)

Min Temp:  4.8°C (10th)

Mean Max: 14.7°C

Mean Min: 9.3°C

Air Frosts: 0


Total: 175.6mm

Wettest Day: 43.2mm (3rd)

Max Rain Rate: 121.2 mm/hr (1st)

Rain Days: 23

Dry Days: 8


Highest: 1026.82 hPa (11th)

Lowest: 977.68 hPa (2nd)


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October 2020: Tamworth, Staffordshire


Max Temp: 17.8c (20th)

Min Temp: 4.1c (17th)

Highest Min: 11.4c (30th)

Lowest Max: 10.6c (16th)

Mean Max: 13.6c

Mean Min: 7.4c

Mean: 10.4c


Total: 129.5mm

Wettest Day: 28.0mm (3rd)

Rain Days: 22

Other Stats

Frosts: 0

Ice Days: 0

Snow Falling: 0

Snow Lying: 0

Thunder Days: 1

Wind Gust Max: 32mph (31st)

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October 2020; Redlynch, Wiltshire


Max Temp: 16.4°C (8th and 20th)

Min Temp: 3.1°C (10th)

Mean Max: 13.7°C

Mean Min: 7.7°C

Additional Stats

Air Frosts: 0

Days above 20°C: 0

Days above 25°C: 0

Days above 30°C: 0

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October 2020 - Edmonton Alberta

Max Temp 22.9c  3rd

Min Temp  -17.8C 25th

Ave Max 6.6c 

Ave Min -4.9c

Mean Temp 0.9c 

Monthly anomaly  -4.2c below normal  

Rainfall 7.2mm

Snowfall 4.9cm

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October - Hobart, Tasmania

Wet and dull with a mean temperature anomaly of -0.7c below 1981-2010 or -0.6c below 1961-1990. It was the wettest October since 2001 and the coolest since 2009.

Mean maximum:  16.0 ( -1.3 )

Mean minimum:  8.2  ( -0.1 )

Rainfall:  122mm  ( average 61mm )

Rain days ( +1mm ) :  12/from total 16 

La Nina weather pattern. Low pressure over the mainland and persistent high pressure down south. Wind light and onshore from the south or east so often cloudy and dull.  Occasional non active fronts keeping things chilled. All the main weather activity was from the north, this interacted or was in the wake of cold fronts, bringing cold and rainy days, with light winds. Almost 70mm fell between the 3rd-5th with heavy snow settling 900m. About 40cm of snow at 1300m level.  Low pressure troughs moving south brought 30mm on the 8th-9th and 11mm on the 17th. Cold front on the night of the 15th brought a few centimeters of snow to 1000m and a dusting to near 700m observable on the morning of the 25th. 

Extremes in daily temperatures for October ( records since 1882 ) :

High max:  20.9.....2nd   ( record 34.6 in 1987 )

Low max:  10.3.....5th   ( record 6.0 in 1958 )

High min:  12.9.....3rd   ( record 20.2 in 1933 )

Low min:  1.9.....6th   ( record 0.0 in 1889 )

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