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Just named by Met Eireann for Saturday's low. #StormAiden the first name from the western group (UK, Ireland and Netherlands) , a low pressure affecting Ireland and the UK on Saturday bringing heavy rain and gales (particularly to western areas) with an increased risk of Flooding.




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For us until the winds swing more to the west it won't be much of a feature. By the time it does winds are dropping.  GFS now comes up with windier earlier Monday morning with gusts to the 60's. These features are merging together so will they named as two storms if the GFS is correct . ECM updating at the moment.

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Not bad here but it's a southerly breeze so not surprised. To be honest for a southerly breeze it's doing quite well at F3 and gusting to 28 mph.

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Front weakened to light rain and drizzle here. Max gust 31 mph not bad for a southerly breeze.  However not a stormy day here allowing some men to continue working on tree as they cut it down. I'm waiting for it too fall the wrong direction as they are clearly not pro's.

I expect it may get livier later on as the wind swings.

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1 hour ago, alexisj9 said:

It's very windy here, I've had a rouge gust of 60mph..


Red warning in place??

51 minutes ago, mountain shadow said:

That was one bloody wild night.

Lost our Frankenstein head which was pegged into the ground.


Disaster worse than flying trampoline, perhaps have a local locknutinneckdown to find it.

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I was out on a morning driving lesson at 10am this morning and it was quite the adventure being out on the roads around Buxton at that time, going over Long Hill and the wind was knocking the car sideways at times especially with the road exposed to gales coming from the West, the rain briefly lashing it down to the point of almost needing to crawl just to see ahead and there's already plenty of leaves, small twigs, large puddles accumulating ahead of Storm Aiden that's expected to arrive tomorrow.

Looking out the window now and there's blue skies approaching, a completely different view to what it was 3 hours ago.

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