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The Herne Bay Tornado of 17th November 1906

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I was having a scour of newspaper archives the other day & found mentions of a 'whirlwind' that struck Herne Bay just after 2 pm.

It seems to follow the normal SW to NE track typical of UK tornadoes, spanning over 3 miles in just under 3 minutes. 

Newspapers from London Daily News & the local Whitstable Times & Herne Bay Herald both describe the events of the day with a 'brief period of darkness' with residents reporting a 'noise like thunder' before fences were levelled, trees were blown over & windows were blown in.

I had not heard anything like this before & I'm shocked I haven't considering the damage & extremity of it with the wind was estimated to be 'blowing at the rate of over a hundred miles an hour.'

The long track of this as well as the roaring noise typical of tornadoes suggests that this was no straight line winds & a tornado, probably spawned off an embedded thunderstorm along the cold front arriving that afternoon.

image.thumb.png.e47fc8058a8fac48888f4039b3574bd7.pngimage.thumb.png.1f60c92295591efd73e9d448aa1617dd.png   image.thumb.png.3644d0804a39bb0c4c184a74c66eaaf5.png

I have plotted a rough estimated track of the tornado based on a 1906 map of the town with notable points such as a farm nearby the station being hit & Beltinge sustaining damage as good indication points:


I have not been able to find any more details on how wide the tornado was or any pictures of any damage. I believe the track on that map comes just over the 3 mile mark but I cannot be sure. I'd estimate it to be around a T3 tornado.

Reanalysis of the day from 12:00 UTC does show colder air arriving from the NW going from 8c 850hpa temps to below 0c 850hPa temps.




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