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I fancied making a new topic on RC stuff.

I used to be absolutely nuts on RC cars years ago, but as things changed over time, so did my hobby preferences. 

I have been reading up on the cars over the past year and I've subscribed to some YouTube channels. During the lockdown period I was binge watching RC car videos and I started to get the bug again.
So much has changed in the past 20 years - since my last car - it has left me astounded on how advanced they've become.

I decided I couldn't hold back any longer and so I purchased an Arrma Granite V3 4x4 1:10 scale. Arrma have been around for some time and they have some epic cars. I bought a couple of 3S, 5000mAh 50X lipo batteries, popped one in and off I went!

The power is insane compared to what I remembered! Instant torque and speed make it pull away like a house fly. As I got used to using it, which didn't take very long, I set the radio to 100% to do some speed runs - incredible! 

Being intrigued by the speed, I bought a bluetooth GPS speed meter. As it's bluetooth, I can use an app on my phone to get all of the readouts without taking the body shell off each time.

Top speed I have managed, all on stock gearing/tires, is 54mph.

The bug is well and truly back, so much so, I just took delivery of another one. This time I stepped up to an Arrma Kraton 6S 1:8 scale. The thing is massive! I thought the Granite was big until this thing arrived.

Granite = 18.7" long - weight: 2.8KG
Kraton = 23.4" long - weight: 4.8KG

The Kraton comes with an optional 15 tooth pinion gear for speed runs, taking it to around 65mph. Possibly more with belted tires..


It's difficult to show perspective of it.

The Granite on the right has a wheel diameter of 2.8" and the Kraton's wheels are 6.6"


Anyone else in to the hobby?

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