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It'll return soon, I think.  Also, for those who like to use dark themes, there's the option for that now. Click the moon icon near the top right of the screen to switch to it. 

I like the static navigation bar at the bottom on mobile devices. 😄

Hi Paul, Hope I find yourself and your Family, well. As Roger J Smith mentioned the other Day, I was also a bit dismayed to see that the drop down colour palette, had disappeared. I was

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Hi Paul,

Hope I find yourself and your Family, well.

As Roger J Smith mentioned the other Day, I was also a bit dismayed to see that the drop down colour palette, had disappeared.

I was using a lot of colour to emphasise parts of my "Fantasy" Sports Competition, Posts.

I think it made the Competition Threads, more pleasing on the eye.

It's one of the reasons why I've started to Copy/Paste Jockey's colours, next to Horse Selections names.

I also have noticed, that you've dropped the old Emoji Menu, in favour of the new one.

I used the old Emojis a lot, especially the Flags of the World section, for my "Fantasy" Golf Competitions.

Using the Flags with colour, helped me differentiate between Golfers from different Regions of the World.

I plan to "host" another Golf Competition, for the U.S. Masters Tournament.

This will now take place between Thurs. 12th and Sun.15th November, after being rescheduled from April.

Being a total Technophobe, was worried that using so much colour in my Posts, would put a strain on your Server?

Do you have any plans to reinstate the old Emoji Menu, with its Flags of the World Section?

Finally Paul, after these couple of moans, it would be extremely remiss of me not to give thanks to yourself and all your Moderators/Forum Hosts, for your brilliant Website and Community Forum.

Netweather has played such an important role in my rehabilitation, after suffering a near fatal Haemorrhagic Stroke, in September 2015. 

It's hard to imagine that when I finally came out of Hospital in February 2016, that I couldn't remember that Meteorology was my hobby, or that I'd been a Member of the Forum, since January 2005.

I had to teach myself how to use the Computer again.

Those early Days of Posting again, were fraught with problems.

I was continually being "timed out", for my overlong Posts.

I eventually realised I could first construct these Posts on Office and then Copy/Paste them on to the Forum.

Being able to "host" these Sports Competitions, has helped mitigate the sense of loss at the end of my career in Bookmaking. 

I really miss the craic and "buzz" of important Race Meetings and Sports Events, in general.

So, on behalf of myself and my Wife Colette, I'd like to thank you Paul and all at Netweather, for being so instrumental in my recovery, from such a serious illness.

Very best wishes to all,

Tom and ColetteSE12. 

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Morning @TomSE12 - it's great to hear Netweather has been able to help in your recovery 🙂

The colours are tricky to use now, unfortunately, as we have a dark theme (with a dark background) available to people, so darker text just doesn't show up well on there - particularly for anyone with eyesight issues. The same applies to any lighter fonts on the light background. Leaving the text in its default colour means the system will change it automatically depending on the theme the user is using. 

The emoji's are actually based on what is available as part of your operating system now. I think in windows the flags may not be available, and isn't really something we can control. I'll have a look to see if it's possible to add some custom ones in though. 

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

It certainly wouldn't be fair of me to expect to have functions reintroduced, just for my benefit.

With regard to the upcoming U.S. Masters Golf Tournament, that I want to "host" a Competition on.

I found a Website that lists the Golf Rankings, with the Player's Flag of Nationality alongside. 

Would it cause a problem for the Netweather Server, if I use these to illustrate my Competition Thread? 

Here are 3 examples, below: 

image.png.2f7de866633060b63ebc05f02da4f56a.png   image.png.facf8caf1fd644cc74d3b1f8fed580ed.png   image.png.22854b33de6b2650a346c8a690c4ec62.png


Tom.  👌 

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Morning @TomSE12 - it won't be a problem server wise for you to use those, the only thing is whether those particular ones are copyright or anything. If you're unsure, the ones on this site are free to use


Country flag images for free. Download high quality images of the world flags in JPG or PNG in various sizes.


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