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SE Asia Thunderstorm Season

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Thought I would create a thread dedicated to the SE Asia wet season.

The wet season in Southeast Asia can start as early as May and end as late as November in most areas. However, some areas have their own micro-climates. For example; Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and the Philippines tend to have their wet season at around the May-November period. However, countries that are located in/close to the S Hemisphere and SE Asia (eg. Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei and more) have their wet season starting as early as October and ending as late as May.

Spectacular thunderstorms are almost a daily occurrence in these areas and if there isn't any interesting weather going on in the UK, I would find some webcams in SE Asia and watch the lightning dancing on the webcam. I have actually been monitoring some storms in S Thailand recently and I have been watching some of the webcams (posted in the Thailand thread) located in that area.



Feel free to post any tweets, experiences, webcams, and anything else that is related to this thread!

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Just created some GIFs of some of the storms that were shown on some webcams in south Thailand (webcams linked below). You can see some flashes of lightning on the 3rd one.

Apologies for the quality, had to optimize the GIF to reduce the file size.









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The island of Java and S Indonesia is starting to get active now with storms and will stay active throughout the next 6 months.

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