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Hi. I've had a "One Concept" Beaufort Weatherstation for 4 years. A month ago the console stopped receiving data from the outside equipment. I replaced the console batteries, which were getting old, and the rechargeable ones outside. After charging the replacements the data appeared on the console again, although only for a few hours. I have tried cleaning the contacts in the battery box outside and checking that all the leads are connected correctly. Again, after a short delay everything starts working again, only to stop within a few hours.

I've tried moving the console closer to the equipment outside, but this has made no difference.

I understand that I can get replacement parts (ie. transmitter) but don't want to keep buying new parts in the hope that they work. Has anyone had similar issues?

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Hello Dave,
Welcome to Netweather. Would you mind re-posting your problem in the 'Weather Stations and Equipment' forum (link below) where I'm sure someone will be able to help you. This area of the forum is for problems with the Netweather website and applications.

Many thanks.


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