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September 2020 C.E.T. and EWP forecast contests

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Downloads September 20 CET.xlsx September 20 Summary.pdf Monthly There were four players who got 13.9c spot on. Timmytour, Man With Beard, Mark Bayley and stewfox. This m

EWP Tracker finished on 54 mm.  (Update _ 54.3 mm is the posted amount) Until they give us a final value on 5th with a decimal value, some ties in scoring will be temporary. So there could b

Looks like the final value is 13.9C.

Posted Images

I shall keep my 60mm but I'll drop to 14.7C.

Analogue and pattern method both in agreement (though they were for August), analogue pattern suggests a somewhat zonal pattern but ridging to our south east more dominant than the trough.

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September I think will be a dry month and warm to my guess temperature wise 17 C as for precipitation 35 mm thank you

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