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Storms and Convective discussion- 15th August onwards

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2 minutes ago, Summer18 said:

I did notice the rotation in the storm also, can still hear the thunder now. It was actually scary driving through it because I thought the windscreen was about to smash! It’s the closest I have seen to a supercell for many years anyhow.

Honestly mate, best storm of the year on a cold day in September, would never have thought it.

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Didn’t know we was expecting an avalanche today 🤔

Stonking day for storms. Had two cells with continuous thunder [but mostly no visible lightning again]. Here's some pictures of one storm that I tracked as it progressed up the M11 which produced some

Am enjoying a weekend away 60 miles S of Prague in the pretty town of Písek, the storm front that came in this evening was dramatic! 

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34 minutes ago, Zak M said:

Massive CB shooting up to my NW 😲

There's literally a chain of them forming now to my NW and I have got it all on a timelapse 🤩

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Hello all. Been busy, but it’s been a very interesting day! Saw some distant lightning to the N earlier and that E Yorkshire storm looked supercellular on the radar earlier, now looking like making a weird U turn!!! (Is that Boris on the cloud!!?) 

could be some more activity through tonight too. I’ll keep an eye out. 

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9 minutes ago, Weather-history said:

Seem awhile since it has been some decent convection


Love watching your time lapses WH,i too was noticing later this afternoon that the clouds slowed right down with hardly a breeze in the air,there was a line of Cu developing to my north this evening,that moved south instead of NE,the clouds where moving up from the SW earlier this afternoon,strange,CZ maybe or the low pivoting around.

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2 minutes ago, Zak M said:

I was thinking about calling that Yorkshire storm a supercell but I was worried that I was going to get shut down in here if it actually wasn't :oldrofl:

You have the right to speak freely in here Zak regardless if you are wrong or not provided that it's thread related,we learn quiet a lot on these threads/forums and i am sure that someone will put us on the spot but don't be offended if they do...

we learn by our mistakes and lack of knowledge only to get better with each passing day,there's that saying,you learn something new everyday regardless of what field it is😉

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11 minutes ago, Paul Sherman said:

Yh one of the best Supercell radar representations of the year on that Bridlington Storm Nathan was on earlier and having seen some of the shots unedited on the back of his camera on his live stream they will be worth the wait. Interesting 2nd cell gone up probably on its outflow to its South showing interesting radar returns as well and all this with temps on the 40s F 😅

North is the place to be nowadays been Banging that drum for the last few years and so it continues 

This is the best storm of the year here and its only 9.2C. Wouldnt have expected that!

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