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Storms and Convective discussion- 15th August onwards

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Stonking day for storms. Had two cells with continuous thunder [but mostly no visible lightning again]. Here's some pictures of one storm that I tracked as it progressed up the M11 which produced some

Am enjoying a weekend away 60 miles S of Prague in the pretty town of Písek, the storm front that came in this evening was dramatic! 

Didn’t know we was expecting an avalanche today 🤔

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21 minutes ago, Ryukai said:

Anvil over Birmingham is looking A++ from here in Stoke on Trent (pity the leylandii forest is in the way as usual as it steals the camera focus... urgh... 😞 )


all this developed over our place in Bromsgrove..we missed it but was an impressive build up.

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This is all that's left of the left side of the single anviled double cell.  Looks like a giant feathery pillow.  You can see the Virga being blown at an almost 90 degree angle directly from the base towards the NW.


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Need to find a video of a storm - last year I think - where it was that continuous rumbling like the storms this week but when I finally looked up in the right place I could see the elevated forks right above. It wasn’t even that dark.

Those are the kind of storms I dream to see again - it was so strange, felt so safe even though it was directly above. The thunder was audible but distant crackles and booms. You don’t get storms like that very often in the UK - the video is somewhere I’ll hunt it down this week if I can 🙂

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6 minutes ago, Chris.R said:

just had a biblically heavy shower. Not seen rain like that for years. Had 16 mm in 10 minutes.

Been watching that looks like it developed over the Mersey

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Bit underwhelming today here in Eastsrn Solihull. There were some pretty looking skies with some passing thunder at times from showers and storms towards Coventry way. Odd few faint rumbles as well from storms towards Birmingham. Nothing overhead with mostly light or moderate rain at times, although the evening was somewhat more interesting with some louder thunder and heavier rain. Though most of the good stuff was concentrated towards Coventry and Birmingham.

Saying that, there has been a flood of great pictures in here today. Amazing captures of the clouds and their structures! Especially the twirly twisters 🌪

I know also to be fair, this area hasn’t done the worst - there were some good storms around last week. Can’t expect to get a potent storm everyday. Thunderstorms not something that’s super common during our Summers, and that they can be hit or miss. Has been apparent the frustration some of you on here have experienced who haven’t seen a proper storm at all during this warm, humid, stormy period. And I don’t blame the fact anyone has felt like that. Some storm shields just been made too strong this year! And annoying when you’ve always had storms that have that ‘so close, and yet so far’ feeling about them. 😓

Need something to come along to exterminate a few of the indestructible storm shields in here. Whether it’s this month, next month, October... who knows! After all, some of these unbreakable storm shields can’t stay sturdy forever can they? 🤷🏼‍♂️

Or if they do, I’ll have to send an email to the head cloud of Cumulonimbus Towers and tell them their storm clouds need to work harder! Showing those blasted storm shields what they’re made of! ☁️

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1 hour ago, poseidon said:

Stonking day for storms. Had two cells with continuous thunder [but mostly no visible lightning again]. Here's some pictures of one storm that I tracked as it progressed up the M11 which produced some shot-gun thunder, and which looked pretty imposing.

M11_thunderstorm_4.thumb.jpg.da459aa002b553f6455b0c4ec7e524f3.jpg   M11_thunderstorm_02.thumb.jpg.f2ecdb64ab7ce2982bc0643153f13f10.jpg   M11_thunderstorm_00.thumb.jpg.6437e1ce4212bb6cf548c39378b7eb59.jpg

M11_thunderstorm_2.thumb.jpg.2c6178ca0cf632332538c9de6a87de40.jpg   M11_thunderstorm_1.thumb.jpg.f673f0c94da0214f0ec096fd39febcfe.jpg   M11_thunderstorm_3.thumb.jpg.48c323a6eeb0d0349c640f2c4040bc50.jpg

Unfortunately, I had to reverse 400 yds down a tiny country road due to a fallen branch - not fun. :oldsad:

Makes a nice change to see some decent convective cloudscapes - few and far between around here this year.

Those are some cracking pics- wouldn't look out of place in the US Midwest, especially that second one; looks like an updraft!

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Evening all

some good pics on here today and thanks,much appreciated  

i kept on popping out since my evening break to take some sneaky pics without the foreman catching me lol

i knew a storm was to my east and i caught this little fella,sorry for the crap images as i took them on my crappy i3 phone


then this sunset anvil to the west about 8-ish


so that looks like that is it for the foreseeable,will we get another chance,plenty of time yet.


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Huge difference in monthly rain totals in my area showing how localised these storms have been:

Herne Bay 4.9 mm

Whitstable (4 miles away) 30.48 mm

Canterbury (8 miles away) 57.4 mm

Birchington (10 miles away) 0.4 mm

Manston (12 miles away) 2.4 mm 

All returning back to normal weather this week with Atlantic mess arriving on Wednesday, ending off the good weather for the summer. 

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