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Storms and Convective discussion- 15th August onwards

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Am enjoying a weekend away 60 miles S of Prague in the pretty town of Písek, the storm front that came in this evening was dramatic! 

Didn’t know we was expecting an avalanche today 🤔

Stonking day for storms. Had two cells with continuous thunder [but mostly no visible lightning again]. Here's some pictures of one storm that I tracked as it progressed up the M11 which produced some

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Yup ;_; t'was a side swipe as usual as they are moving NE, no visible lightning but could see the odd flicker. But here, have some pics.

Distant Anvil off to my NW


Dark Tower forming under the Anvil of the Storms to my NE (and was being pulled towards them) that grew up and up and up and eventually merged with the anvil.

631652341_IMG_20200817_160535972_HDR1.thumb.jpg.2e9f7a28c9317c1c1a9b8bfb569e88bb.jpg 1432037624_IMG_20200817_1632278391.thumb.jpg.fddce76dbd844d157be8325f60d7387c.jpg


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8 minutes ago, Mapantz said:

Naff all here, again.

Getting used to it now 😒 

My lightning detector did pick up some of the strikes further east this morning but nowhere near close enough to see or hear anything. 

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Suns about to poke it's face out from behind the anvil here, hopefully it's strong enough to evaporate the surface wetting we just had to boost more convection.

Also have a shot of some very weak mammatus on the underside of the anvil.


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Dark skies to the south of Macclesfield too, but to the north west in the distance there's this mass of bubbling convection, as the crow files it's out towards the Dee estuary.  Sorry photo does not really give the sense of how big it is.


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Finally getting some proper persistent insolation now hopefully it’s not too late for something to kick off. Hoping the Wirral will act as a convergence zone

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