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Storms and Convective discussion- 15th August onwards

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Stonking day for storms. Had two cells with continuous thunder [but mostly no visible lightning again]. Here's some pictures of one storm that I tracked as it progressed up the M11 which produced some

Am enjoying a weekend away 60 miles S of Prague in the pretty town of Písek, the storm front that came in this evening was dramatic! 

Didn’t know we was expecting an avalanche today 🤔

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Some lovely loud and 'deep' rolling rumbles from that Swindon cell that's recently appeared from nowhere on the radar. Lovely way to start the morning. Gimme more! 😄 

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I can see the robust N London convection but sadly too far to hear the thunder. Looks like I’m in the cruddy zone AGAIN where convection is firing about 5-10 miles to the north 😡

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50 minutes ago, StormLoser said:

With the talk a page back on CG+ strikes, the most memorable CG+ strike I experienced was back in the 1970s in Durham. We'd had a day of thunderstorms and as 8pm came around everything had passed and settled to steady rain.

I decided to take a bath. And mid-bath I noticed everything had gone weirdly silent and the rain increased. The most intense single blue-white flash shone through the bathroom window, causing the lights to brown-out. After 3-4 seconds followed the loudest crash of thunder I've ever heard - and I've had strikes land 100 feet from me.

This thunder shook the bath water and I honestly thought the ceiling would come down. It was that intense.  Everything was vibrating and shaking.

The single strike landed about a mile away in some houses, and the fire station staff on seeing it dispatched a couple of fire engines and were able to put out a roof fire. Fortunately no casualties apart from a lad lightly shocked from wearing headphones for his music.

Newspaper next day sported the headline "Thunderbolt rocks Framwellgate Moor".   I only wish I had been able to witness the flash directly. it must have been one hell of a CG+!

Yep it's what happened here in 2014 a huge flash, and about four seconds later, it was like a bomb exploded, lights went out and there was more than one fire. It hit some railway related, and there was a fire in five different places along the route, plus the channel tunnel was effected. 

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