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Storms and Convective discussion- 7th August onwards

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3 minutes ago, jamesthemonkeh said:

I share your frustration - the last time I had a proper thunderstorm in the UK was 2014.
Yet we could very easily have decent thunderstorms any time in the next 4 days - maybe the slightly lower potential will work in our favour.

The bigger the potential, the bigger the letdown i say

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A beautiful altocumulus castellanus sunrise this morning. 

Oo she's a beauty 

My first attempt at storm shots 🤷‍♂️ (Please don't judge 🤣) The cells are impressive tonight! 

Posted Images

There's a right little chain of cells that just appeared over the last 10 mins off of the South east coast! Heading West too 😛 

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2 minutes ago, Flash bang flash bang etc said:

Ooooh look

What???? Is it something exciting? I was just about to respond sympathetically to yout previous posts as I also feel peeved that we've had to suffer the heat and yet just a meagre few grumbles and distant lights to show for it. 

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Just now, oliverek7 said:

Where they headin? Direct West?

Looks like it on the radar 🤞


Also the 'shouldn't exist' rain storm over me appears to be trying to back build and it's getting heavier o_O

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Yet more storms approaching in an organised line from the SE, only for the LB storm shelter to rip it to bits and push it westwards. Few flashes towards Aylesbury, as per usual 🙄

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