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Storms and Convective discussion- 7th August onwards

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A beautiful altocumulus castellanus sunrise this morning. 

Oo she's a beauty 

My first attempt at storm shots 🤷‍♂️ (Please don't judge 🤣) The cells are impressive tonight! 

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7 minutes ago, Buzz said:

Yup, I'm just on the edge of the storm and there is fairly frequent thunder lightning, the wind is really strong too. No rain yet though.

i've just locked up downstairs opened the front door constant lightning with a small bit of thunder so watched it for a couple of seconds 

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6 minutes ago, Flash bang flash bang etc said:

So are we looking at a decent event in the SE from this you reckon?

It's pleasant enough viewing along the coast, though moving very slow and still a fair way off land. As others have said, it's expected to largely die away. 

Personally hoping eastern cells can maintain themselves, I'm easily entertained. Activity increasing. 👍

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Just now, SouthLondonCold said:

For me they seemed to be coming from a Westerly direction, what about you?

Oh I don’t know, wasn’t paying attention just heard them 😆 but I think possibly west too

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1 minute ago, oliverek7 said:

Which area is most active? 

I saw the southern sky light up blue about 60 seconds ago 😊👍 first bit of action for me even if it is 50 odd miles away 

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Just watching the storm about 10miles away going over cardiff, constant lightning coming from it and constant distant thunder, gutted I've missed it, if i didnt have to be up for a 13hr shift tomorrow id have taken a drive to it!

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1 minute ago, TJS1998Tom said:

Doesn't seem to be much lightning on the storm around Crewe unless there's more than the radar is showing 


Less than there was, but definitely more than on lightning maps. It's been really poor all year.

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