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Storms and Convective discussion- 7th August onwards

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A beautiful altocumulus castellanus sunrise this morning. 

Oo she's a beauty 

My first attempt at storm shots 🤷‍♂️ (Please don't judge 🤣) The cells are impressive tonight! 

Posted Images

31 minutes ago, Robbie Garrett said:

I’ve planned to fly on Thursday and Friday to see my mutate in Cardiff. No doubt it’ll be a no fly due storms... lol

“Mutate” 🤣

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4 minutes ago, Bishop Brennan said:

Lots of flashes, but not much thunder - kinda the opposite of what we encountered here yesterday evening. Still, makes for great viewing 👍


Yes Bish, some excellent CC’s and bright isn’t the word for them, but like you pointed out I can’t hear any thunder either, just watching the main course to the south of us, I think I maybe more in line than you 😉😁

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6 minutes ago, SenlacJack said:

It's  really quite odd isn't it ?  We've been absolutely sweltering for days, some local stations were reporting temperatures of 35c today. Storms just across The Channel in northern France die out as soon as they try and make the crossing yet further north in the UK it's a storm fest.

Properly depressing isn't it? 🙄

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11 minutes ago, viking_smb said:

what are the red dots in the middle of the strike

They are hot or dead pixels from my 20 year old old DSLR...Almost every DSLR you buy has a dead or hot pixel. It's a fact of sensor life

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22 minutes ago, Dancerwithwings said:

I've just seen them flashes myself, it’s that line on the radar



Yep DWW...

Flashing at the rate of 1 a second.

The last 20 mins in the garden have been incredible,

Thunder not loud though, it all seems to be right up in the cloud tops.

Very odd - keep getting 2 mins of heavy rain then the clouds open out and I can see stars.

5 mins later and its raining again.

The lightning is a real show though.



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