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Autumn 2020 - Moans, Ramps & Chat

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I'd hate to be a thermostat, in a house shared by @markyo and @Azazel!

Today I spent a lot of time studying IOD. I was working out the relationship between IOD, ENSO and MJO.  There is a connnection between IOD and ENSO, mostly during strong events. During weak La Nina I

I've lost my excitement for the heat this year. Not looking forward to the +30°c later this week. I find myself daydreaming about eating toffee apples in the evening while wrapped up snug in temp

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Here's hoping this weather doesn't last all the way until next March.

Another damp wet and windy winter will be depressing. Hopefully a large amount of clear cold days this autumn and winter, mixed with dry mild spells and a bit of rain.

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High of 25.4C today, the 15th day this month to breach 25C.

The coldest day so far this month (and the only day not to reach 20C) is the 1st weirdly enough, but temperatures are set to tumble - 18C tomorrow, only 14C on Saturday.

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Just now, Stabilo19 said:

Loving the current weather! Tomorrow looks v. chilly for September with a windchill of 7-8 in London 👍❄️

Didn't think we'd ever get tempreatures that low given the recent warm spell. Hope it continues

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1 hour ago, I remember Atlantic 252 said:

that is winter here! today dreadfully windy but dry due to wishbone northerly

Of course that would feel warm and be rather fleeting in winter.

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We have certainly gone from one extreme to the other. From above average temperatures to below average temperatures and hardly any (if at all) average temperatures. It was the same concept during the summer - it was either cool for the time of year or it was blazing hot; no in-between. 

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