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July 9th 1981

29 years ago today, Derby was hit by the most severe storm on record. One amateur recorded 80mm of rain in just 1 hour 😮 as the heavens opened up above us.

A weak trough was moving northward, with high pressure to our east, it was a muggy warm day with sunny intervals between the cloudier spells. As the centre of the trough crossed over us, cool air from the west mixed with the warm humid southerly and a huge storm developed over the city.

Ive never seen rain like it, it was so heavy and noisy that we could hardly hear the thunder or see the lightning. Widespread flooding occurred across the city and to the southern suburbs which were hit the worst. Everywhere was awash, huge puddles, flooding of roads and houses that never usually get a puddle let along a flood.

That was and still is Derbys wettest 24 hours on record, and that rain fell in just 1 hour... That was something special, pity its so long ago  as memories fade.

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