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June 2020 Barton on Sea, Hampshire


Max Temp: 30.8°C (25th)

Min Temp: 6.9°C (6th)

Mean Max: 19.3°C

Mean Min: 12.3°C

Air Frosts: 0


Total: 26.8mm

Wettest Day: 5.4mm (27th)

Max Rain Rate: 30.4mm/hr (12th)

Rain Days: 10

Dry Days: 20


Highest: 1026.27 hPa (22nd)

Lowest: 997.05 hPa (5th)


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June 2020; Redlynch, Wiltshire


Max Temp: 32.6°C (25th)

Min Temp: 5.0°C (6th)

Mean Max: 20.8°C

Mean Min: 10.4°C

Additional Stats

Air Frosts: 0

Days above 20°C: 15

Days above 25°C: 6

Days above 30°C: 2

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June 2020: Tamworth, Staffordshire


Max Temp: 31.4c (25th)

Min Temp: 6.4c (8th)

Highest Min: 18.7c (26th)

Lowest Max: 14.6c (4th)

Mean Max: 21.0c

Mean Min: 11.3c

Mean: 16.1c


Total: 117.3mm

Wettest Day: 26.4mm (16th)

Rain Days: 17

Other Stats

Frosts: 0

Thunder Days: 5

Wind Gust Max: 35mph (5th)

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Perth, Scotland

June was overall warmer and duller than average with virtually average rainfall. A warm first two days were cancelled out by a cool unsettled 10 day period until the 12th. However the rest of the month was generally warm without any massively hot days. Despite the warmth it was the dullest June for three years. Rainfall was pretty evenly spread although there was plenty of dry weather from the 12th-27th with only the first 10 and last 3 days being noticeably wet. The night 3rd/4th was also the coldest since 2012. The night 21st/22nd was also the mildest since 2015.


Mean maximum: 18.6.C (+0.5.C)

Mean minimum: 10.3.C (+1.1.C)

Mean: 14.5.C (+0.8.C)

Rainfall: 64mm (102%)

Sunshine: 139 hours (85%)



Highest maximum: 23.8.C (1st, 24th)

Highest minimum: 15.6.C (22nd)

Lowest maximum: 11.7.C (10th)

Lowest minimum: 4.3.C (4th)

Wettest day: 11.4mm (27th)

Sunniest day: 1st (15.2 hours)

Days with rain 0.2mm: 20 (15)

Days with rain 1mm: 16 (9)

Days with 10mm: 2 (1)


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June - Hobart, Tasmania

Wet with a mean temperature anomaly of +0.4c compared to 1981-2010 or +0.5c compared to 1961-1990. 

Mean maximum:  12.8  ( +0.4 )

Mean minimum:  5.7  ( +0.4 )

Rainfall:  84mm ( average 53mm )

Rain days ( +1mm ) :   11/from 15

Fairly dry during the first half of the month with rather cold nights. A dusting of snow to about 1000m into the 3rd and 6th behind cold fronts that produced only a local shower or two. A strong cold front crossed on the 16th with showers ( 11mm ) in colder southerly winds and a snowline of 500m by the end of the day. The cold change was brief, it was followed by high pressure but cloud started to stream in from the west turning days cold but calm. The cloud was associated with a developing cut off low  well to the west which moved to the north of Tasmania then off the north-east coast. This produced almost 60mm of rain between the 21st-23rd with onshore south-east winds around the low. The highest daily fall was 41mm into the 23rd. Three times this amount fell on the mountain. The rain eased to drizzle patches as the low moved away to the east. A front crossed on the 26th bringing a shower or two. It was sunny with rather cold nights between the 27th-30th under high pressure.

Extremes in daily temperature for June ( records since 1882 ) :

High max:  16.9......1st  ( record 20.6 in 1907 )

Low max:  8.7.....18th  ( record 4.3 in 1985 )

High min:  12.5.....16th  ( record 15.0 in 2016 )

Low min:  1.5.....6th  ( record -2.8 in 1972 )

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Here in Edmonton June 2020 looks like this:

Another below average month with a mean of 14.0c which is 1.5c below normal it was also wetter than normal with 160% more rain than normal.

Ave High = 20.2c

Ave low = 7.8c

Highest Max = 27.7c (12th)

Lowest Min = -0.5c (5th)

Total rainfall = 118mm

No of days with rainfall = 21

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