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Wednesday 17th June weather observations

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Foggy warm light winds

Temp 12.7C, Barometer 1010mb steady, Wind F1 NNE, Rainfall since midnight Nil

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Overcast with low ST again (5th consecutive morning) and a bit misty, dry with a low of 12.8 C; fog at the airport

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Mostly cloudy overnight with a low of 12.9c. Dry and cloudy start to the day.

Current Temp: 15.1c

Winds: ENE at 5 to 10 mph

Rainfall: 0.0mm

Pressure: 1013.6hpa (rising slowly)

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A heavy shower, accompanied by a few rumbles of distant thunder and some sheet lightning, late yesterday evening. It was dry again before midnight and low status rolled in again during the early hours to give thick fog which persisted until 0845 g.m.t before thinning to mist.

At 0800 g.m.t

Temp; 13.4c

24 hr max; 20.9c

24 hr min; 11.4c

Grass min; 9.1c

Rainfall in 24 hrs ending 0800 g.m.t; 7.5 mm

Mean wind speed; 5 mph NE

Sky obscured by fog

Vis; 70 mts.

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Wednesday 17th June 2020


Thunderstorms cleared away before midnight leaving a cloudy night, fog forming, visibility <200 yards at dawn. Overcast this morning, fog thinning to mist.


24-hour maximum 21.6c

24-hour minimum 12.8c

Minimum temperature on grass 10.1c

Maximum wind gust: (Midnight to Midnight) 10.8 mph E

Rainfall total: 9.9mm 


Conditions at 09:00 GMT


8 Oktas stratus.

Visibility 1 mile

Temperature: 14.7c

Humidity 97.8%

Wind Direction E Force 2

Barometer 1013.7mb falling slowly.




Heavy showers and Thunderstorms in the area cleared away through the early hours. Mostly cloudy this morning, a few brighter spells forming in the low cloud. Sunny spells developing late morning and in to the afternoon, feeling very warm and humid. Showers breaking out in the area producing rumbles of thunder. Another thunderstorm moved in to the area late evening producing an hour or so of heavy rain.

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Cloud persisting and leading to a cool morning. Will need the sun to break through to get any storms

Temp 16.3C, Barometer 1011mb steady, Wind F1 NNE, Rainfall since midnight Trace

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Another humid day, and a lot more cloudy today after the sunny start. The cloud arrived after 8, and we have a storm on the way. Central London has been hit by a storm, and it’s now raining heavily in west London.


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A mild day cloud only recently thinning allowing some sun to break through

Max temp so far 20.4C, now 19.4C, Barometer 1010mb falling slowly, Wind F2 NNE, Rainfall Trace

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Cloudy until 1330 g.m.t, then a few sunny intervals before a thunderstorm moved in from the east during the late afternoon, accompanied by a spell of heavy rain.

At 1630 g.m.t

Temp; 17.4c

Max today; 19.8c

Min last night; 11.4c

Grass min; 9.1c

Rainfall from 0800-1630 g.m.t; 0.0 mm

Sunshine today so far; 0.1 hrs

Mean wind speed; 10 mph E/SE

Highest gust today; 16 mph E at 1334 g.m.t

8 oktas Cb and As

Vis; 10 km

Thunderstorm approaching from the east

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Dry and warm with sunny spells in the morning, a single shower mid afternoon then dry and overcast thereafter. Maximum 22.9, minimum 12.2. Wind calm.

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Some sunny spells early afternoon before a thunderstorm moved in around 4.30pm with torrential rain and gusty winds at times, clearing to leave a dry and cloudy evening. Max temp 22.5c.

Current Temp: 14.6c

Winds: NNE calm

Rainfall: 8.9mm

Pressure: 1012.6hpa (steady)


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