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Memorable Localised Weather Events

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  • Location: Cheshire
  • Location: Cheshire
    8 hours ago, Billy Hicks said:

    The North London tornado of 7th December 2006 for me. Woken up with the rain so heavy the windows were banging, not too far away a lot of homes in Kensal Rise were badly damaged.

    I’m also told that as a toddler in 1990 I happened to slam a door at the precise moment the Bishop’s Castle earthquake of 2nd April happened, making my parents think I’d caused the building to shake. We were living in the West Midlands then so closer to the epicentre.

    Welcome to the site Billy Hicks. Yes, I remember the 1990 earthquake although, being in the North West at the time, I wasn't particularly affected. One that was worse from my point of view was on 23rd September 2002 which, although based on Dudley in the West Midlands, was felt over a much wider area of the UK than the 1990 quake. Also coming at 00.53 BST, it awoke many including myself, and caused widespread panic and terror.    

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